Honoring My Creative Fire 🔥

Writing assuages my insomnia when sleeping pills fail. Sitting down to write allows the tears and words to flow when I’m processing heartbreak. Dancing with my words elevate me when I am at the zenith of new love. My words bleeding on paper is what has stopped me from making my wrists bleed out in a bathtub. Writing has been my closest confidante, an unapologetic truth teller, and the one thing I could trust above any other coping mechanism. Realizing this is something that sustains me, and encourages me to thrive, this why I will not allow anything or anyone stop me from walking towards my true north.

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It’s Been A While…

There have been a million things I’ve wanted to write about since I’ve last published anything, and while I’ve written privately, I did not feel the urge to share publicly. Life has been a journey of far more highs than lows, and while I am not exempt from loss, my gains and wins far outweigh […]

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