Sometimes I Want to Fuck

Aight so the real deal is that sometimes I’m sulky and I get sad and I can’t stand the sight of any man. However there are other times like right the fuck now where I get flashbacks of the ridiculously delicious, soul snatching, good fucking from a man who is just as nasty as I am. I am getting flashbacks, my pussy is wet as shit and I cannot stop thinking about him. FUCCCCCCCK. Although I am absolutely pissed and disgusted with the way Stallion has been moving lately, I often find myself staring into space wondering what he’s doing tonight and I find myself wishing he would call. Yes I want to opportunity to put his ass in check BUT I also really want him to be inside of my gushy ass pussy for another night.

Let me tell y’all about whyyyyyyyy my ass wants his big ass Stallion cock inside of me. Phew!!! We started with light kisses at the bar, the tiny pecks that made my pussy jump and definitely got him hard as hell. Okay so he was already telling me that my kisses make him feel a type of way. Actually he said “damn, you don’t know what you do to me.” TeeHee….I couldn’t wait for him to show me what that meant. That particular Sunday my tooth was hurting but I also knew I needed him inside of me and in my life. We stopped off to get some necessities, and some Orajel and let me tell you, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other in the store. It was going to be hot. I honestly think it’s a combo of his big ass dirty car, his rough, calloused hands and his macho but humble demeanor that had me hot as fuck.

Alright so we pull into his parking spot and we get to the elevator and the kisses are getting hotter. We pause so we can get into his house. He uses one bathroom, I use the other. I had to do a smell check to make sure all was on the up and up and well, it was fucking on!!!!!! Let me tell y’all…..when we met in the middle of his kitchen, living room open concept situation, my pussy opened up too. Lord have mercy on all the pussy juices flowing!!!!!!!!!! The making out that built up to that moment took off and before I knew it we were in his bed and his Stallion was HUGGGGGE. Baby Jesus in his baby manger…..y’all….I was in ecstasy. I gave him a pass for nuttin fast because my pussy is golden. He was not ready for the gripping, the warmth, the tightness and he let it be known. Sooooooo some men in their mid to late 30s sometimes are one and done. Well BABBBBBBBBY not this Stallion. He was ready to go again, and again and again!!! He went down on me like it was his last supper, thinking about it right now has me stupefied. He said he could do it all night and he kinda did. Swallowing him was pretty delicious because he tasted yummy. He was yummy. The sex plus the making out, the licking, the touching, the biting, all of it was incredible and I’m out of breath thinking about it. If I never make love to him again, I will be sad as fuck BUT I’ll be grateful for the experience. I miss him. I wish he knew that besides all the mushy shit, I miss his dick, I miss his sex. I miss the way he fucked the shit out of me and could keep going. I miss the way he caressed me, kissed me, licked me, flipped me and entered all parts of me. I miss his presence and I wish I could lay next to him and tell him all of this. Le sigh.

Alright my people, that’s the story about the Stallion. It sucks because who knows where he is. I wish he knew all these thoughts. I miss him and his little not so little Stallion. My pussy misses him a whole lot. Bummer.