The Power of Yes

I have made a pact with myself to say yes to invitations this year. I, being an undercover introvert does NOT like to go out if I do not have to. I much prefer the comfort of my bed, the company of my daughter and my Netflix shows. It is quiet in my house, safe, warm and lacking the ingredients I need to take my career and ambitions to the next level. I have said yes to a few events in the past week and I have enjoyed myself at each event but more than the fun of it, I saw what was possible for myself. I spent that last year or

so tossing and turning in my life trying to figure out what was next. However the tossing and turning was all I did. I kept telling myself that I was bored, and I was stuck and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. The boredom part I believe was a lack of inspiration and that was because I stuck to my same old routine. Sitting in traffic, having the same conversations about being stuck and doing none of the work to get unstuck. Recently, I was having a conversation with Boy Wonder and he was telling me that he was uninspired and he was having trouble writing. My basic advice was “Change your scenery.” I said that to him and the light bulb in my own brain went off. Shit…I need to change my scenery, I need to switch up my movements, I need to switch up my conversations and talk to people who I wouldn’t normally talk and accept invites to places even if it may be uncomfortable.

I reflect on the time of my life when I was social, I went everywhere and I bonded with all kinds of people in all different walks of life. I was free, bold and NOT NEARLY as confident and wise as I am in this current moment. I have the audacity to ask for what I want, I have the discipline to execute my  vision, I have the network so I can connect with the right people, what is missing? What has been missing? The need to say YES! I made a career move recently that made a huge difference for my life. I jumped at the opportunity to learn sales and do some customer service work. That opportunity opened so many doors, and it reignited that flame of people connecting, having fun and lively conversations and networking with a group of people I normally would never talk to. I feel like there is something divinely magical about authentically connecting with people that leaves all parties better than when they started. I believe that human beings are inherently good, and while a lot of work is on the inside, having positive interactions can be medicine for a hurting soul. Challenging myself to be genuine and intentional with my interactions is me saying Yes to the Universe. The same way that the Universe protects me from shitty situations, I also think that doors are put in front of me to be opened. I think that it is inherently special that I am given opportunities to do my life’s work. That work at the very core of it, is leaving the world with a lot more light than it started with. I feel and know within every part of me that no matter the path that I may walk, it is an opportunity to spread light, to spread love, to touch, heal and inspire those in my space. I bring people into my light, because my light cannot be swayed by any amount of darkness. How come? I am familiar with my own darkness, I embrace my own darkness and I use my darkness as a catapult into standing firmly in my light. Feel me?

Everything occurs in baby steps even though some moments require rapid acceleration. I believe for myself I was just picking up where I left off before going back to traditional work. I hit a wall and I really was uninspired. I did what was needed at that time. Also, it was a necessary part of the journey and the magic of my Personal Legend. Could it be that I did all that work, all that traveling, had all those trials, all those connections, and all those lessons simply to bring me right back to my treasure which was in my own backyard? I don’t really know, but I do know that I am scared about what’s to come but I am not fearful. I know that each moment is for a greater and bigger reason and I am so excited to see what’s to come. I am going to access the power of my own alchemy and pay attention to my own omens and take my journey. I will talk to my shopkeepers, find my own Fatima and learn to turn myself into wind. I will pay attention to my thoughts, pay attention to my deeds and joyfully love myself and be thankful for all the interactions. Yes is my access point to all of the things I told the Universe I wanted and I am ready.

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