Red Lover is my childhood friend, the first boy I ever remember liking, my first crush and a part of my current group of people who are transforming their lives through discipline. I was listening to him speak about his accomplishments and he said that while he is accomplished, he still has many things that need to be completed in a traditional way. I feel him. Malcolm Gladwell told us in Outliers that in order for us to receive mastery in any field you have to commit at least 10,000 hours to practice. Wow! I think of Kobe Bryant, when I was reading about his success and he was telling us about his commitment to working out, shooting free throws,  and the discipline it took for him to be great. I reflect on Steph Curry saying something like he takes 1000 free throws a day, no matter what. Fucccccccccccck, I can barely commit to my twice a week yoga practice and even then sometimes I just do not go. I should commit to working out, and a host of other things but I just lack the discipline. I promise y’all this is not and will never be a self help blog. This shit is me battling my own shit and needing to hold myself accountable for my success and my failures. What do I have to show for my life on this earth? What have I left behind? What have I committed to? What legacy am I leaving for my child?

One of the sayings that has been landing in my path over and over again is “You’re not tired, you’re uninspired.” That is pretty much true isn’t it? Is it not powerful to think the majority of us commit our lives to working for non-profits, companies and everything in between and we often neglect out dreams, our vision and our own personal success? I know a lot of it is access, where we are, who we talk to and some money is necessary. However, at the core of it, the most fundamental thing to building a successful brand is putting in the work that it takes to get what you need. The discipline necessary to write first thing in the morning is something I need to stick with. I will tell ya’ll that I stay sprinting out the gate and midway through my ass is stumbling, I am dizzy and I don’t have that amazing Kenyan stamina to keep me going. I stop in the middle of the track, breathing all hard, can’t catch my breath, so I lay my ass down and make madddddddd noise and loudly proclaim that I am dyyyyyyyyyyyyinnnnnnnnnng. *eyeroll* I dead ass do waayyyyy too much sometimes instead of focusing on the task at hand. I often get distracted and I start these fantastic projects but end up abandoning them because I lack discipline and inspiration sometimes. Alas, I have told on myself…great, so what now Arihat? What is the game plan?

At the very least I can start with drinking 8 oz of water every morning and commit to walking 30 minutes a day no matter what. I can also commit to writing daily because that is something I do for survival regardless. Writing is essential for a blog, I mean obviously but I am talking about a commitment to writing content that is meaningful, truthful and in alignment with my core values and ethics. Discipline in one place needs to be discipline everywhere. It isn’t enough just to take care of my body, but my mental fortitude is what will take me to higher heights. This means taking my mind to states of meditation, taking my body to yoga, and commitments to learning things about myself that can only be uncovered when I stay in practice. Writing this is stressing me out because I am sharing this with people who know me and who will hold me accountable if I do not honor my word. Goddddddddddd, why do I make these commitments? Lmao!! Nah I gotta do it. Red Lover is a dope human being who I am glad I have stayed friends with. Although we do not speak often, we are eternally connected. There are people like Triple T, Boy Wonder and Mr. Aquarius who think abstractly and see the connections that I see and that excites me. I love that I can speak to them about things that are basic but also explore topics that seems absolutely bonkers in my mind but they give me validation by also seeing things similarly. I am practical but I am also a huge dreamer. My whole life right now is about bringing my dreams alive. I have the vision, and the theory, but now comes the boots to the ground work, now comes the putting the pieces together and moving forward with dynamic moment by moment milestones that fit with the higher purpose.

2 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. Ugh discipline is something I struggle with too….lol I love that “you’re not tired, you’re uninspired”….I had to hit my friend with that while she was complaining about her job at the same time that I was reading this….perfect timing…
    One way I’m working on my discipline is through guided meditation, I commit to at least 10 mins a day which is small but I find that my favorite part of the day and I also find that the positive effects also overflow into other aspects of my life


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