Say Hello

“You had me at hello!” Yes oh yes something so incredibly simple can give way to an entire world of connection and adding value to your life. Often times when I was in NYC I’d be sure that I took every possible measure not to be spoken to. Headphones? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Phone? Check. Big ass book? Check. Resting bitch face? Uncheck because no matter what people still end up talking to meeeeeeee. Lmao! I’d say perhaps 6/10 times I ended up having a conversation and a connection that left me better than I started. The work to open myself up to talk to people was more intense than just talking to people. I believe that our energy can be felt and some people no matter how hard they try, will pull people into their worlds whether they want to or not.

The Power of Yes was me taking on my life by accepting invites to places. Taking it a step further would be me saying, hello. Hello world! Hello new friend. Hello business associate. Hello! I interacted with many people yesterday and each of them had a really fascinating story about their lives. I met a 26 year old home owner, immigrant, construction worker and beautiful soul. I met a strikingly beautiful woman who is finding her light, learning herself and shining as brightly as she can. I met another guy who has traveled the world and is still looking to travel and learn all he can about countries in every hemisphere. I met all of those people and had conversations with them in approximately 90 minutes and I think my life got significantly better because of them.  I normally would focus on what I went there for and just leave, however I made it my mission to connect, listen, vibrate and radiate good vibes with the people I have met.

There’s been so many times when I’ve had parties and invite my vastly multicultural group of people and they would wonder how the hell I knew these random groups of people? I think it’s beautiful to connect with people who are open and want to learn about the world by learning people. I believe that we are all connected in some capacity and honoring our connections could reveal a larger reason than simply just knowing each other to know each other. My eclectic and dynamic group of people consist of people who are all figuring it out just like I am. We are all finding ourselves on a path and we are deciding to walk together. I think back to last summer when I met Mama Transformation and her entire presence blew me away. She is inspiration, she is dynamic and her energy is sooooooooo good. Mama Transformation helps me think, she inspires me to think in outside of the box ways and she’s supportive of my endeavors as I am hers. I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t say hello.

I challenge you to say hello to someone who you feel pulled towards. I challenge you to take your light and allow it to shine brightly today and connect with those whose light matches yours. I challenge you to connect with 5 strangers today and see where hello can take you. Connect in ways that leave you both better, set an intention before you go out about what you’d like to achieve for the day and go forth and mingle. Everyone can stand to gain some joy, happiness, openness and connection in their day. We can all gain value from planting seeds of positive connection and letting gratitude guide our days. Who we are today can open doors for the future that we want. I am better than no one, I am not above saying hello to everyone and seeing where that hello takes me. I’ve been learning that even though the most authentic part of me appreciates my silence, I also know that when I connect with 1 or 2 people who leave me inspired, I get energized and recharged. I love my growing network of all kinds of people from every walk of life. I want all my people to be happy and to find the treasure they seek in their lives.

I love y’all.

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