Lemme See That Dick…

Yo so if I was half as rude as these mofos that approach me either online or in person or via text, I am not sure I would still have my life, but actually I am not sure how men wouldrespond to women they just met asking to see their genitals. I love dating, it is fun, exhilarating and a constant adventure. I date safely, I mean extra safe, my team of Mamas know where I am, who I am with, their government name, their vehicle, and I go where everyone knows my name. That part is covered and works to my advantage in multiple ways. You know what does not work though? Chatting with a guy, we have some really interesting conversations on the dating app, and then we figure a number exchange would be okay and then…A DICK PIC. No warning, no conversation, no hint of something like that is coming…and there it is…DICK PIC. Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Who the hell said you could send that shit dude? As if that shit isn’t invasive enough, the follow up questions are ” You like that?” and ” Let me see that pussy or some titties. ” UMMMMMMM….let you see these messages turn to green (BLOCKED) because noooooo motherfucka, what we not gonna do is go down this road of absolute disrespect.

There are times when a dick pic is okay, and that time is when I request it. Do not ask me to see any of my body parts because no…just no…is that not what Pornhub is for? Lmao…I really want to understand why men would ever think we randomly wanna see your dick and balls. Just keep all that shit to yourself. I have been meeting men who are also super upfront about wanting to meet up for drinks and then just have sex. Uhhhh…..yea so I feel like that sometimes but generally ONLY with men who I know, I have a relationship with them and I know I will be safe. I am unclear what about me indicates to any man that I just met that I will sleep with them after a few drinks. Ummmm, if the conversation, and connection is right, I mean it is a possibility but NOT A  GUARANTEE. I am no prude, and I can assure you that I love sex as much as anyone but it has to connect and hit on multiple levels. It cannot just be something that I wake up and decide is going to happen. I need to be able to choose, and given the room to choose and arrive at that feeling on my own and not at anyone’s insistence. It is not sexy.

Being adored is lovely, and admired is cool, but farrrrrrrrr too often there is a blatant fetishizing and a reduction from being a goddess to something that men think they can have access to. In reality if you want me to sleep with you, like if that is your goal, your only goal, then tell me and then I can decide. But if you truly want to impress me, get to know me, and learn different parts of my personality, then we will have to speak, politic, chat, go for walks and you know, PUT IN WORK BITCH. Who the hell just assumes that someone will sleep with them after they say ” send me a pussy pic.” But my friends and I thinking perhaps those lines have worked and therefore they think it is acceptable to say those things, do those things and feel offended when they get blocked. Annoying. Anyway, I do see men in the street who are sexy as fuck and sometimes I do think about what their dicks look like. There are some men with beautiful faces and I imagine myself putting my pussy lips on their pretty as lips. I see men and I wanna lick his chest and feel him up…yea that shit happens. I love sexy men and I love fantasizing about them. However, I am not going to step to a man and say “Lemme see you dick.” Like who the fuck does that? It is disrespectful and while I know that some men would probably love that shit, I am guessing there will be some who may be offended and probably call the cops. I dunno, but either way, that shit is kinda wack and mad disrespectful. Be a great guy, an honest guy, a kind guy, a guy who loves his mom, and you can be a bad ass, I like bad ass men but do not be a dick, do not expect sex and generally just do to me and women what you would like a man to do to your daughter, sister or momma. Real talk.




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