All or Nothing

There is no grey area for me when it comes to certain aspects of my life. I have come to a choice about the way I’d like to honor myself and live my life; either I’m 100% in or I’m out. If my intention is to live my life fully and to stand in joy, patience, peace and abundance then that would mean focusing on the elements of these things in all areas of my life. A tangible example is working out, how can I workout with integrity? What’s the intention behind working out? I’d have to say my intention is wellness, wholeness and freedom. What’s that mean? I need to have a body and mind that is healthy, which means I have to eat well and exercise. It means that my mind has to be filled with thoughts that are in alignment with wellness, wholeness and freedom. I also have to be all the way in with working out because I’ll fail if my mindset isn’t clear and committed to winning. I have to be all in for my intention to be present.

Affairs of the heart is a place where all in or nothing at all could be scary and liberating. I think far too often we have these fears that stop us from living intentionally and audaciously. Our mindset about love is usually one that says proceed with caution. That makes sense. I think that even though proceeding with caution is wise, I do it to what end? When does caution translate into paralysis and a stepping back from all the access to being great while standing in love? We can all set intentions for ourselves when it translates to dating and the prospect of a successful relationship. To me, standing in love looks like setting the intention for what I want and not selling out on that. My intention is to be a clearing for honesty, integrity and partnership at every level. Tangibly it looks like telling all parts of the raw truth. That looks like speaking up when I’m scared, speaking up when I’m sad, speaking up when I feel like things aren’t right and honoring the beauty of communication so things can be resolved through clarity and asking for answers. Integrity is about holding myself to what I’d say I’d do. It’s about loving myself enough to set the precedent on how I allow myself to be treated. It’s calling out myself when I shrink because I don’t want to rock the boat. Fuck that, we rocking this bitch because if we agreed to go all in, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be peaches and cream all day. It looks like rough patches at first but there’s many layers to getting to know someone. All of that is about creating partnership. It’s about telling the truth and looking for ways to constantly being present and peeling layers back so that there can be opportunities to work through the multiple layers that show up.

I have to be to actively be present to what is the point of doing anything that I do. Why am I waking up? What’s the intention that? How am I going to put steps in place that honor that intention? How can I be the clearing for my own success and fulfillment? It would very much look like planning my work and working my plan. It looks like setting daily goals and staying on target. It looks like making requests from those in my tribe. It looks like honoring myself through words and through deeds. I’m not going to wake up and sorta kinda work hard towards my goals, I am going to work towards them with energy and excitement. I’m not going to deviate from my intention because a few curve balls come my way BUT I have to remind myself of that when things get hard and uncertain. However all in means all in and that includes when things are difficult. All in doesn’t mean do something for the sake of doing it but rather, it means doing something with purpose and with intention. It’s also about looking at what that means for myself and the personal integrity I’m putting forth. I’m gonna live this life all in every single day.

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