My Wildest Dreams

A few months ago I was stuck in every sense of the word. I would sit at my desk and be bored to tears because while I was physically present at the job, my mind was daydreaming about how my life should be and my current situation was not reflecting the narrative in my brain.I was not tired, I was uninspired and as a result my life felt far too contained. I felt far too small in my skin but my soul had a fire raging that was growing but still maintained. I believe my entire life became an untamed and wild fire when I left my last gig. I felt relieved. It was an unexpected shake up BUT it kinda wasn’t. I’ve been doing this work on myself for far too long to know when I get this feeling of being maxed out in my current situation, the doors for what I really want start flying wide open. The life I am living is one where my fire will not be able to be contained, and my fire will be visible for miles around because I am going to live my best life played using the rules of my soul.

I will never forget reading two back to back quotes about self employment. The first one basically said that if you work a 9-5 for someone else and you go home but do no work for yourself then you’re helping someone else build their empire AND you’re also you’re not tired but uninspired. The second quote said a salary is a bribe that they give you to sell out on your dreams. Ummmmmph!!!!!! Whatttttttt?!!? That’s hardcore. Unless I have a job that truly inspires me and makes me push myself, I’m not entirely sure why I would ever take a traditional 9-5 ever again. My fire cannot be tamed and I don’t want it to be tamed because I believe that the access and opportunities that will propel me forward will be there because of this fire I have that is becoming visible to others but more importantly it’s too large for me to ignore. Who I am is happiness, genuine charisma and connectedness. That’s isn’t all I am but it is definitely a huge part of what’s happening with me presently.

I am a connector, a bridge builder, and an intentions coach who support the people in my immediate and extend circles to live their best lives. Tangibly that looks like storing the skills and resources that my network has in my brain, so when I’m having conversations with anyone, anywhere and at anytime I listen with the intention of connecting. I’m listening to what they are saying for themselves, I’m paying attention to what they are saying that they do, and I simply connect with them on a human level and I store that conversation in my brain. What often happens is that I’ll be talking to someone else about what they do and my brain connects dots, the dots are symbolic of the people I know and the resources and skills that they possess. I find similarities and I let them know that they should meet with person X because person X has these skills and these resources that could support you with your intention for yourself and your business and vice versa. I want to see all my people win! I meet people from all walks of life and I value each and every single person because they all add value to my life in one way or another. My intention is to add value to others in a way that leaves them inspired, curious and in a head space that makes them think intentionally about their next steps for their life no matter what that may look like for them.

I’d like to be able to say that when I leave this earth, I left it better than I found it. I have always believed that it is my mission to remind people that their love is far greater than their fear. I am starting with myself and the conversations I’m having in my brain and out in real life. I was playing a game that was far too small for what I knew I was capable of in my life. But I needed that incubation period to connect to who I needed to connect to AND I needed to be reminded of what not honoring my life looked like. Being forced to adapt and move forward by hitting the ground running was the wake up call and the next step that I needed. I knew my goal and intention all along was to come back to working for myself. I knew that so strongly, far too strongly and that was the loudest thought in my brain and that’s the thought and intention I put out into the universe…so I got what I had been asking for daily. I was given an open door to step into the life of my dreams. There’s nothing but myself standing in my way right in this moment. I am being given the tools to live my best life. I get that life and success isn’t linear. Life is a series of experiences that push me to being my best self and the access to me being my best self is by thinking thoughts that inspire positive and lucrative actions and outcomes. It is not enough to just think positive thoughts and read affirmations. These thoughts and affirmations have to become my lifestyle, the way I speak, walk, interact and focus is everything I’ll need to push myself to the next level.

The entire universe has conspired to help me achieve everything I have at this moment AND will continue to do so. That is a blessing and a gift that I will never stop honoring and respecting. My life and soul has been set ablaze and I’m a mother funking fire walker.

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