The Possibility of Possibilities

If I could wake up tomorrow and my life was the true definition of ideal and wanting for nothing, what would that look like? It would be abundance in every area of my life, peace in every area of my life and love in every area of my life. I then pose the question, why not have that today? My true answer is that I do. I have abundance, love and peace right here in this moment and while tangibly it may look different, the driving force remains the same. I am in this space of creation and the things that inspire and move me are the things I am determined to put into action and create brand new beginnings with the intention of seeing all of my hopes and dreams actualize. I believe that when I am committed to being a clearing for my personal integrity, and I do all that I say I’ll do, the universe can’t help but reward me for what I’ve been doing.

My outside has to reflect my inside. My thoughts give rise to my actions. My commitment to my success and following my true north pales in comparison to my fears. I know what the stagnancy of fear looks and feels like and I don’t want that. I don’t want that feeling of no daily goal, no ambition or nothing to work towards. I think that my mind can play tricks on me and allow me to think that I need to shrink myself. I know that my soul is raging hot right now. My joy is evident and my life is busting at the seams from possibility and I embrace that. Often times I would doubt my worth around what I thought I deserved and I sold out on numerous occasions. I allowed myself to be small and took what I could get because something was better than nothing. But WRONG!!! I’d rather have nothing than something that is damaging to my soul. I am worthy of being celebrated, loved and happy beyond what I knew to be possible.

I’ve always gotten goosebumps when I heard the term possibility of possibilities. That simple term is something that wows me and it really does excite the creative and entrepreneurial side of me. What is attainable to me, for me if I held on to the belief that I am the personification of the possibility of possibilities? What if I instill that belief in my child? What about the students I’ve yet to teach? What if the pursuit of my dream and sincere hope is right within my grasp because I keep saying yes and playing life all in? When I choose to jump in, get my whole head wet, in the deep end and my only options are swimming or death, what do you think I’ll choose??? I’ll tell you, I am not ready for death quite yet. I am though going to use my moments wisely and intentionally. I am going to use my gifts, skills and intention to make sure I’m loving and living my best life. God is within each of us and to honor God(des) we must honor our highest self. That looks like waking up everyday and making a choice to be intentional about my goals. It means connecting with other people in my tribe and creating a possibility for that day. It’s about assessing where I am and working towards taking my way of being and state of mind to the next level. It looks like exuding positive vibes and beauty but doing it with grace and humility. It’s about encouraging people by simple acknowledgement, honoring their light whether they know it or not and sharing the simplicity of smiling with them. Everyday is the chance to be the intention I said I’m going to be.

I am love, abundance, audacity, patience and fire walking. I am intentional about my commitments that I’ve made within my heart and soul. I will access these ways of being every single day because what else would I do? I’ve already agreed to be the best version of myself today and all days. There’s no one on this planet that could take away my commitment to myself and I don’t think anyone ever sets out to do that anyway. A huge part about all of my life coming into focus is prioritizing the need to say thank you. I am thankful for every obstacle that almost killed me or bent me out of shape. I’m thankful for every closed door that forced me to move forward. I’m thankful for every single no, not now and maybe because it taught me resilience and patience. I’m thankful for every heartbreak, and breakdown because it taught me how to truly love and forgive. I’m thankful for my turbulent tween and teen years because that’s where I found my voice through poetry and writing. I am thankful for every failed relationship because it gave me lessons on paying attention and identifying the characteristics I want in myself and my partner. I’m thankful for the challenges and the mistakes I have made because I’ve become an excellent student. The sum of these experiences have made me love so much harder, and more than ever I feel like I have no choice but to bring forth all that I’ve been wishing to experience and create. I’m open and up for that that adventure.

I am the possibility of possibilities and so are you!

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