Love Is Revolutionary

I think about revolutions

And the way they begin

It takes a spark

The passion

Something to really believe in

At the core of every revolution

There is love

Che believed so

As did Malcolm

How does one win the world

When one’s heart is wary?

How does one win the struggle

When they feel the weight of defeat?

How does one love everybody?

When the pain of mirror work plagues him?

How can we win

When everything points to a loss?

Is it enough to have love?

It ain’t

A plan

A solid plan

With good foot soldiers

Who are willing to die for this love

How about we treat this as though our hearts

Depended on it

Could I decide to love these black babies

The way I love my black baby

The way my momma loves her black baby

The way Afeni loved her black baby?

Aren’t we all black babies who need love?

We can’t lead no revolution

If our hearts are broken

We can have no freedom

If I can’t love a black man

We can’t have no solidarity

If we think black women look better red

How we gonna free our minds

If we still hold on to the thought

That he ain’t shit?

How we gonna get free

If we won’t even say good morning


Thank you

Here is my seat

How will freedom find us

When we don’t seek healing

From the pain

The vicious cycles

Of us hurting each other

By talking about





Instead of to each other?

How we gonna heal these kids

If I ain’t gonna let him see his kid

And he still a kid

Wishing he was still safe in momma’ womb

Who we saving?

When mommas are dying slowly

At the hands of daddies

And these daddies

Getting got by the police?

So who free?

How we gonna be free

If we don’t love each other?

Love is the answer


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