You don’t wanna take me there

Shit I don’t wanna go there

That place where I kinda lose my step

And I plunge head first into crazy rage

Like that fucking blackout rageThat whoops didn’t mean to break your nose rage

Like my bad

Didn’t know them windows would bust out like that rage

Like oops didn’t know you could bleed like that rage

Ha lucky for you I don’t wanna go to jail

I’d miss my kid and I’d miss my shoes

You’re not worth the days of no contact

Because what I would do to you

Is shit they’d put me in solitary for

And I’d have no remorse

But I’d plead not guilty

Because I would be not wrong for destroying you

After the way you destroyed me

I would feel no mercy

Because why should I?

Did you think about me when you lied?

Did you feel badly when your kissing lips were the same lips

Used to lie about what your plans were?

Does your mind fuck with you?

The way your mind fucks with me?

Got me thinking we were magically

Intertwined in something so lovely

When in fact you were sneakily

Plotting your dip out

Without any controversy

Cuz you’re cowardly

Played me

Too kind of me

Bad for me

Good for you

No accountability

No integrity

No need for apologies

Don’t be mad when I cut your face

And vandalize your car

And spit in your drink

Don’t you say a word

When punch you in the throat

And upper cut you in the dick

Don’t say anything

When I’m stomping on your heart for real

The way you did mine figuratively

You do not deserve me

Not my kindness

My kisses

My love

My trust

My respect

You don’t deserve any of it

And I’m mad I ever thought you did

Welp that moment has passed

Watch your back

Because I’m going to fuck you up

That’s my word

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