I’m In Love With Jesse Williams

…aka Dr. Jackson Avery. I love him. He’s so dreamy and I literally have had two dreams where he was my man and he was making it known. What is my problem? I know he just went through some very public family fallouts and it was really bad BUT I still want him. He’s easy on the eyes BUT his passion and his fire in his words about injustice is what really gets me going. I think it’s safe to say that Jesse Williams is my celebrity crush and apparently in my dreams he’s my man. I think I love his character on Grey’s Anatomy the most because as a man, he’s everything that I find desirable but I love how he shows this range of emotion that you don’t always get to see on the screen. I guess I must be really in love with Shonda Rhimes because he’s her character…haha.

I just feel like the way he was passionate about his lovers on the show is perhaps the kind of lover I need. A fiery, all encompassing good love that take my heart and my pussy to higher heights. He has an intense stare that seemingly takes over Emmy entire soul. Yummy. Jesse Williams is everything. I think if I were to meet him and really get to speak to him a part of me just may freeze the way T’Challa froze when he saw Nakia for the first time in a long time. I may freeze too. Or I’d say words that may sound coherent to me but in reality I may be a hot mess. Teee heee. I don’t get star struck but I don’t kinda freak out when a guy a really hot and I’m off guard. I think I’d be the same way about Idris Elba. He is another story for another day but JESUS!!!!!!

I wanted to take a break from writing about all the heavy stuff in my life. I really just wanted to get in here and write about what’s on my mind and what I’ve been dreaming about. I am not really in love with Jesse Williams but I am totally in love with the idea of him. In so many ways he’s my ideal man and I’d love to meet him also we can chat and I can pick his brain and allow him to pick mine. Jesse Williams and I would legit be good friends because we are of similar age and we are both activists. He love playing games on game night and I bought his game. I’m just saying we are made to meet each other and have a conversation. So if any of you are reading this blog and you know Jesse Williams, tell him to hollla at me! Our kids could play together and he and I can play together. Ha ha. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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