I Appreciate Married Men

…who are fiercely and unwaveringly committed to their wives. I think it takes a really mentally strong man to stay devoted to his wife and constantly finds ways to evolve and put work and life into being a good man to his wife. I talk to a lot of people and I know a lot of people AND the vast majority of married men are not fiercely devoted to their wives. That’s scary. The ease of social media makes it really easy to be unfaithful in a variety of levels. That shit is wack. But the ones who are in love and work on their love in their union with their wives are the type of men I want to befriend. I want to hear what they say about their queens when shit is hard, messy, inconvenient and uncomfortable. I want to hear how they make it through those times when they don’t like themselves and when they aren’t vibing with their wives. It can’t be easy but I wanna know what y’all do.

I recently met a man who is stunning. He took my breath away with the way he looked and when he spoke I was like dammmmmmmn bae. His skin, his teeth, his eyes and his whole mind, his vernacular was delicious and left everything to the imagination. Then I saw his ring. I was like ahhhhhhh man. But it was good because I just acknowledged it and I was like yea man…your wife is lucky. Immediately the interest was lost in anything remotely sexual but I dug the fact that he was mad happy to be married and he was super cool about the shit. I think I’m into that thought because I want my husband to be excited about being married to me over anything he could possibly encounter in his day. Imagine dodging all kinds of pussy and batting eyelashes daily and coming home to the only one you want AND being so happy with that! That is an amazingly sexy thing in my opinion. I think married men who are in their marriages 100% are good men to be around because they really aren’t going to jeopardize their lives for bullshit. I can dig that. I can be cool with someone like that because they are not pressed, they are not trying to fuck me, and there is no ulterior motive. We are literally just focused on the task at hand and in their souls they are focused on their wives….only.

I am not dumb enough to think that these men don’t consider fucking other women. It’s not lost on me that they may think about me. But the fact that they choose to suppress and tame their thoughts and therefore their actions is dope to me. Desires of the flesh are super easy to succumb to if your mind is weak and you’re not in touch with your higher purpose. I think of desirable men like Will Smith who just gets what it means to be a man in this world AND be devoted to your wife above all else. I’m not saying that he’s perfect but if you’ve ever heard what he has had to say about marriage and partnership you’ll hear that he knows Jada adds so much value and purpose to his life, why do shit to jeopardize that? I am sure that my forever president Barack Obama has had all kinds of poonanny coming his way, whether or not he’s cheated on Michelle is something we may never know…BUT he has always prioritized and placed value on her and her role in who he is. That shit is sexy as hell. I hope you guys don’t interpret what I’m saying as me wanting these married men because that’s the opposite of what I’m saying. I just respect and admire a man who loves the shit out of his wife and won’t fuck that up. That’s a sure man, a confident man and a safe man to be friends with because he has everyone’s best interest at heart.

Marriages are whatever you make it in 2018. It’s not the same as it was 2 decades ago and it’s constantly evolving. I think in some ways it is almost too distracting to have so much in front of you and actually stay committed. I think it requires way more work to stay the course now because IG, FB, SC and all these other platforms make people very accessible. These parties and forums make it easy to get your dick aroused easily. Many, far too many men allow their dicks to lead and they end up apologizing and looking stupid. But somehow there is a breed of men who refuse to get caught in the scandal and allow their wives to feel pain and embarrassment by cheating on her. They know that the risk of losing your wife is not worth it for some moments of pleasure. God…why? The world has so many problems that we face and knowing that your man is cheating on you and breaking your agreement is really fucking wack. But when you know the world sucks and the world is scary BUT your man has your back and you know he won’t jeopardize your union for bullshit then that would put my heart at ease. There’s just something really beautiful about the person you love having sex with, talking to, building with, creating with and sharing life with everyday. I love those men. I admire those men and I salute y’all. Keep dusting away the pussy coming your way, your life and wife will thank you.

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