Dating Is…

…a game of chance, am I right? I prefer Okcupid above all other dating sites but lately I got into Bumble. I gotta say, it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But still, ever so often there’s always someone who wants to send that unsolicited dick pic. Why dude? Why? Our conversation was going really well, why’d you have to ruin it with a photograph of your dick that’s not that impressive and not one that I asked for either. Keep it in your pants, sir. Besides, why would I want a picture of your dick that you’ve sent to countless other women? I don’t want no community dick picture. I want my own dick pic, that I asked for and that has the lighting and staging that I directed! Beyond that keep that shit on your camera roll.

I digress! I really only recently got really excited about dating because it’s a whole adventure. I don’t want to have multiple dates and date just for free food, nah. I want to date to either really find compatibility, connection and something that could last long after the romance fades or I’d like to meet someone where even if it didn’t work out we would mutually support each other in our entrepreneurial endeavors. Either way I want my dates to be fun and to work out in some positive and productive capacity. I’m not out here trying to get someone in my life to marry them…nooooo…hell no! I really am also careful about dating people who don’t have kids. I am not having more children, I don’t want more children but I’ll be a great step mom. I want a fairly uncomplicated dating experience. I don’t want to become one with a man, nor do I feel the need to spend all my waking moments thinking or being with this person. I want passion, fun, laughter, romance, good conversation, good kisses, good sex and being able to talk freely and openly without the games.

Lately I’ve shifted the kind of men I date. I’m checking out more fellow entrepreneurs, dads, 40 somethings, racially diverse and grown ass men. I am into men who are assertive and who plan a date. I’m into cordial conversations with gentlemen who open doors and wear suits. But I’m also into guys who…open doors and dress more casually too. I I want men who are busy as hell AND they make time and they spend energy thinking about ways to woo me. That’s what I’m into. Because I’m always going to bring my best to the table. I’m always gonna look fly, smell good, speak on a variety of topics and add to your value. That’s just who I am. I’m not gonna settle for anyone who doesn’t recognize or isn’t ready to rise to the occasion. Dating is fun but it should also be a learning experience that leaves both parties better and well fed in mind, body and spirit.

2 thoughts on “Dating Is…

  1. *Snaps fingers* Dating is tough… and there are so many times that I just bowed out and gave up for extended periods of time.

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