School Shootings

The shootings have to stop. 4/20/1999 I attended a mostly white, affluent, suburban school and the news was breaking that Columbine High School in Colorado in a white, affluent, suburban community was under attack. I didn’t know what that meant but later I learned that two boys shot their classmates, teachers and eventually themselves. WHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT??????!?!??!!?! That blew my whole damn mind. What on earth do you mean that they got automatic weapons and killed their classmates? Like they went into the school and shot their friends? The thought really sent shockwaves through my body and I remember going to the pay phone to call my mom because I needed to leave. I knew she wasn’t going to come get me but I needed to try because I was really scared that the same thing was going to be replicated at my school annnnnnd the next day someone came in with a trench coat on as a joke. Not funny buddy, not funny.

4/20/99 always rattles me and now more than ever there are so many dates to know that I’ve just chosen to know none. There have been far too many school shootings and mass shootings period. The one in Charleston, SC rocked me hard. Someone decided to go into a church, sit through bible study AND then murder NINE people in cold blood, then casually walk out like it was nothing. There is something unsanctimonious and inherently evil for someone to engage in behavior that lacks the basic care for human life. It is so wrong. These shootings rattle me deeply because I would imagine that being the most terrifying day of my life if this were to occur at my child’s school. Can you imagine the kind of devastation a parent must feeling WAITING to hear if your kid has been killed…at school….by a peer? I’m paranoid at the movies, paranoid in public spaces and I have to know where all the exits are before I do anything. I don’t trust that someone in this gun crazed world won’t decide to shoot up somewhere that I am. I don’t know what makes people snap and decide to kill everyone. I don’t want to be ill prepared and that’s not how I want to die.

Why do AR -47s exist? I mean honestly tell me why we need that type of weapon? To hunt? Because that shit would blow the prey into pieces and therefore defeating the purpose of hunting to eat. But these crazy assault rifles exist for what exactly? Why are we using them? Then, why are people buying them and storing them in their homes? I know most parents want to say their kids are good and they listen but I know far too well that the child in the house sometimes is not the same child at school. However i want to believe that children who are going to murder their school mates are not exhibiting rational and calm behavior prior. There’s just no way that someone is going to murder people, who have not murdered anyone and still display no signs of distress. Are you kidding me? Someone is not paying attention.

Guns are not going anywhere. School shootings are on the rise. There is no shortage of children who constantly think of killing people who violate them. The gap is closing between those who fantasize about it and who actually pick up a gun in real life. Why y’all? I think these children committing these acts are truly sad and hurt on the inside. I think that they needed to be paid attention to and maybe they should have been forced to speak. Or maybe they needed someone to just listen. Either way the trauma of being bullied can cause one to snap. But the scale on which these kids have been snapping is highly problematic. I feel badly for the survivors and at the same time I’m glad they didn’t die. But they watched their teachers and friends die and recovering from wounds has to be scary and problematic and PTSD is probably something to contend with as well. Oh my goodness. This is such a sad state of affairs. Honestly, I don’t have a solution beyond talking to your kids about their experiences. It takes a very detached person to kill anyone who hasn’t really done anything to you.

2018 isn’t even about saying NO to Dope, it’s about saying NO to guns, no to gun smoke, no to physical violence, no to assault rifles…just no!!!!! Stop killing. Stop.

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