What’s Your Fantasy?

I have been toying with the idea of getting my nipples pierced for a long time. I read all kinds of shit and I talked myself out of it numerous times. But I was hanging out with my road dog and fellow wild mom Triple Threat and she was like yo….just do that shit. I was like man listen, I had this kid naturally and there is no pain in this earth that is more intense that contractions and a baby coming out of your vagina, so what’s a little nipple pain, right? RIGGGGGHT. Whether you agree with my parenting choice or not, I took my kid with me to get them pierced. She was super curious and she didn’t even really understand what it meant to get your nipples pierced. She also couldn’t understand why I would let a strange man see my nipples and my boobs. She was like soooo you’re gonna show this man your boobs? Just like that? Like he is gonna see it? And put holes in them? Okay, cool mom. Cool.

The long and short of it is that I’m pierced. It hurt like hell for maybe 5 Seconds and then that was that. I did let out an OHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCCCK as the needle was going through and then the pain was pleasurable. Lmaoooo!!! Maybe I’m into a little bit of pain, don’t judge me. It looks good and it feels good too. It makes me wonder what other things other people are into as far as piercings and secret desires. Lola’s Tattoo Shop is where I got pierced by Dave and he’s the shit, he was telling me about all kinds of people who have piercings and he was like oh you would be surprised who has what piercings. But I thought to myself, nah I probably wouldn’t be surprised at all. People don’t really and truly surprise me with their piercing places because I know everyone got a little freak inside of them.

What would you do if you weren’t scared or if you knew no one would judge you? I’m not scared of being judged but I’m annoyed by judging. I mean it’s my body, can I live? I’ve had tongue piercings, I have 8 tattoos, my nose is pierced, I have multiple ear piercings and I’m pretty sure in not done being tatted! I like the body art and I think that while it’s really fun right now, I’m sure it would still be enjoyable ten years from now. I plan on working for myself from here on out and I plan on collaborating with other people who really get that it’s okay to be self expressed and your skin and piercings aren’t reflective of your goodness or intellect. My world is a little radical and it is becoming more and more wild everyday. Share your fantasies with me. Tell me what you like and what you’re scared to tell others. I wanna know, and maybe I’ll show you my piercings!!!!

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Fantasy?

  1. I started my self love journey last year and I have done some things that make me feel super liberated and sexy. I did the big chop and I pierced my nipples. I feel beautiful and fierce and not to say its because of these things, but it’s because I’m fierce and unapologetic to the women I am becoming so I said fuck it! I have to answer to no one but me and I say yes to anything that makes me feel good…I mean why not?


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