Just Being

I want to see the day

When I don’t see a black man’s body

Bullet ridden

Sprawled in the streets

Modern day lynched

I want to see more images

Of young black men walking across stages

Of Ivy League institutions

That will honor who they are

Honor their experiences

And see them holistically

And not reducing them to




I want black boys to envision themselves

As Whole and complete

Even when they aren’t complete

But knowing they are able to compete

And make a difference simply by being themselves

Who they are…

People who are given a chance

The same way Brock Turner was given a chance

And not criminalized for dime bags

But rather honored and being addressed as your honor

The Marshall kind and not the Thomas

I want to see the day

When black men didn’t feel fear

Because other people didn’t fear them

For being in their natural state

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