Honesty is vulnerability

The truth telling about one’s lack of safety

It’s not about revelations of day to day trials

But more of the truth of what’s in your mind

I do not want to know what I can obviously see

I don’t need honesty about what I already know

Honesty is about exposing ones thoughts




And then sharing them with me

Honesty is when you feel uneasy

And you know not which way to go

And you are honest about your ambivalence

Honesty is sharing with hope of a dialogue

The figuring out

What could work

What may not work

But giving me an option to choose

Honesty is not about having your cake and eating it too

It’s about giving me the choice to overstand

And to choose

Honesty is vulnerability

It’s about the bare necessities

The very clear line

That respect is what is given

Because honestly

Human beings have complexities

That do not fit neatly into boxes

We are multidimensional beings

And all anyone wants is to be seen

And be accepted as they are

I can do that for you

If you give me honesty

Otherwise what’s the point?

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