Good Luck?

I have phrases or sayings that always and I do mean always evoke a blood boiling happening inside of my body. It’s not like it makes me mad but it irritates me more than it should and it’s not the messenger but just the phrase. The one in question right now is “Good Luck.” People mean well when they say it and it’s all about well wishes and really sending positive vibes BUT luck to me means it happened by accident, no thought went into it, it occurred by happenstance or it will go well because of something outside of me, and a force of the universe…and that’s is the OPPOSITE of how I am living my life. Luck? Lol. Never.

Intention, planning, purpose, discipline, concentration, effort and deliberation is what goes into the things I do. I don’t do anything unless I put my all into it and it is important for me to be a part of something that is done with care, done with excellence and done with a finesse and a style that is evident in the final product. So when someone says good luck, I’m like uhhhhh, luck????? I don’t need luck, I planned properly and therefore the execution will be done with precision. I don’t need luck. Someone told me that I was lucky that I hadn’t gotten the flu all season, they literally said well it was just good luck. So you mean to tell me that of all the people getting sick, dying and getting infected, I didn’t get sick because I am lucky? Not because I wash my hands obsessively? Take vitamin C? Yoga the shit out of my body? Lysol my areas? Avoid contact with germs at all costs? That’s luck? Hell no…I took precautions so that I could avoid being sick.

I think the phrase good luck is not applicable to me. I don’t think I’ve ever had good luck but I do think I often achieve the intention that I set out to gain. My body and mind becomes focused on what I want and I believe that the universe conspires to give me all that I want. My heart, my soul and mind are forever working together to bring me what I seek and desire. That’s a divine thing right there and it’s got nothing to do with luck. Luck is for things that happen accidentally. Nothing about what I do is lucky, it’s intentional and deliberate. Period. Don’t wish me good luck or tell me I’ve got good luck, just tell me I have a powerful intention and that my hard work has paid off. But don’t ever reduce what I do to luck. Nah son.

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