Malcolm vs. Martin

They both ended up dead. Sadly. But the comparison blows mine and I’m guessing that they probably were annoyed by the comparisons as well but I guess the world needs a villain and a hero. However in my eyes they are both heroic, both were bold, both were brave and I love them both for their sacrifices that they paid for with their lives. I look and listen to the Martin v. Malcolm debate and I often listen and allow the words to go into my brain and I marinate on the messenger and what exactly they are saying from their perspective. I get all the arguments but in the end they both were murdered by the powers that be, so is the debate necessary? It’s the more behaved and acceptable negro vs the radical one. Is that what we are talking about here? Because it’s not Killmonger vs T’Challa or Frank Castle vs everybody or Batman vs Superman…or is it? Could it be that it’s partly the message BUT also the messenger? I love elements of the anti-hero because there is a part of me that is raw, unrefined, bold as fuck and will do anything to get justice. I think that sometimes the niceness, the kindness, the gentle words and the politeness is for the birds. There’s a time and place for everything and I think sometimes the time and place calls for war and that’s just that.

I don’t think the debate in my head is about Malcom vs Martin, I think it’s about those who are willing to tip the boat and those who will rock it. I think it’s about those who color within the lines BOLDLY and those who draw over the picture. I think it’s about those who will say it like it is without holding back and those who will say the same thing tactfully. I think that it’s about self expression, a way in which you choose to live your life, the way you choose to express and explore wholeheartedly anyway that is authentic to you and I honestly don’t think either way is bad or wrong or even holding that space for judgement. I feel like people arrive to their truth and their reality based on what they do AND they navigate and go about their lives the way that’s true to their narrative, true to their ways of being AND nobody can take that away from them. My expression is mine and the fact remains that yours is yours and that’s that.

I’m learning that we need the Trumps of the world because it wakes us the fuck up and reminds us why we need balance. President Obama IS a beautiful man who made the haters shake BUT the rest of us loved him and we were in a false state of peace because the shit was so good so much of the time. We needed 45 to come and keep the balance after 8 years of good vibes. GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! Could we have had the Panthers without the Klan and corrupt police? Would we need Batman if his parents weren’t murdered? Would Frank Castle be needed if his wife and children were spared? Would we appreciate Martin AND Malcolm without Jim Crow? I guess not because we need revolutions when things are really fucking bad. We want so badly to have a contrast that we point out the shit that is evident in every day life. We say well this one is more appealing to the masses and this one alienates some people BUT THEY WERE BOTH MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao!!! I laugh but omg, they both were murdered because they both wanted freedom for the black man and they said it differently but in the end who cares? They were both murdered.

I was a kid when I learned about both Martin and Malcolm. Let me tell you, reading Malcolm X and WATCHING Malcolm X stirred a fire in my belly. I was like wowwwwwww!!!!!! The scene where all of NOI were standing as a deep army and they were talking down the street as one unit and Malcolm (well Denzel) put his hand up and they stopped uniformly, then then it was time to move, he simply put his hand up and pointed to the right and again, with unison they moved. I was like OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! That was powerful for me. I felt everything that Malcolm stood for and I appreciated how he went from Malcom Little, to Malcolm X to El Hajj Malik el Shabazz. His history, his way of being, who he became in the midst of a violent world was a man who I had grown to love and admire and who I celebrate so boldly because Malcolm is who I am at more core and I’m not ashamed of that shit. I admire Martin and I’m thankful for him and he was dope and powerful and that’s great but Malcolm X is who I love far more because of his wild past and his come to Allah moment.

I am dynamic and bold and powerful and able to connect with a lot of people BECAUSE I’ve been everywhere and I can listen without judgement. I ask people about who they are and I listen to what they tell me. I love that. I am also not adjusting myself and my values just to get people to love me I love people AND I’m pro black as fuck. I love dating all up in the swirl and I support black love. I’m multifaceted and multi dimensional. I am diverse and I have black skin, and a black family and I love humanity and people and I’m gonna connect with them AND I’m going to show those who are worthy the layers of who I am. People get you when you’re real with them and not just try to bend and appease because you feel the need to adapt. My need and desire is to connect authentically and that may connect with others and for others it will not. I’m not here to befriend. I’m here to connect and spread love. Take me as I am and I’ll take you as you are and if we don’t jive then we don’t. There will be Malcolms and there with be Martins and there will be people who embody both. Either way you must live a life that is true and authentic to you without apology because in the end the sun rises, the sun sets and we return to the dust, ashes and stars. Do what is true for you. Asé!!!!!!

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