Date Grown Ass Men

I was not kidding when I told y’all I was on a quest to find good dick and someone to give me diamonds. Let me be clear that diamonds is a variable for gems, knowledge, experiences, memories and very little to do with anything material BUT if he did get me diamonds or material things it would be because he could, and he’s in a financial space that would allow for that easily. That is sexy as hell. I went on a date yesterday with Mr. Morrison and it was so fucking fun! We met on my favorite site and we exchanged a few messages on there and moved on to texting. We text most of conversation and actually I only called him to tell him I would be a couple minutes late for our date. There was not a whole lot extra conversation prior, he and I wanted to leave the conversation for the face to face. What a great idea.

The conversation was organic, authentic and extremely easy. There wasn’t a whole lot of surface conversation about bullshit, we got right into talking about our projects, our kiddos, our life journeys and just all the important things that drive good conversation forward. He is very easy on the eyes, he has a slighter build than what I normally prefer BUT he’s so damn confident, and easy to talk to, so it didn’t actually matter at all. A couple drinks in me, and I felt more calm and more at ease to act out what I was thinking. Wait, so I need y’all to know that I literally practiced this date in my brain since I was a kid. Lmaooo!!! I used to pretend to get dressed like I was preparing for a date because of whatever the hell I was watching on tv. This was a real grown up date, not that I haven’t been on a grownup date but I dunno this felt different. It was different. Okay so back to the story, so I ran my hands through his hair, I touched his face, and I was looking at him watch me, watch my hands, my lips, my eyes, my boobs….he was taking me in all over and I loved that shit. I matched his gaze with my roaming hands and he was into that shit big time.

I like his salt and pepper beard and hair. I love that his daughter is grown and he talks about her like she’s 7. I love that he gets that parenting is a tough job but it’s a beautiful thing. I love that he is cultured, speaks Spanish, has been everywhere, he’s an artist and he just love life as it comes. He liked our date because we talked about all kinds of shit and we have good chemistry. We had a hot ass kiss and it felt good, it was enticing and it was fun and I’ll see him again. I’m learning that dates can be fun as fuck when you just come as you are and enjoy the moment without an expectation. I’m learning that because energy is good and right it doesn’t mean that I’m going to marry this person but we could hang out for a while. It means that you get to know someone who can make your heart race and then the feeling can pass and all of that is adding to the wealth of my life. I appreciate men like Mr. Morrison because he allowed me to set the pace, and he just followed my lead. He matched the tempo and he also was very present to his own essence and he was just right. The end of the night was just as fun because he has a fast car and he drives it fast. I enjoyed that. Ha ha.

I’m a weird ass chick. I don’t like bullshit conversations about nothing. I don’t want to talk about my expectations on the first date. I don’t even want to talk about what we are looking for at all right away because who the fuck knows? I realize that I want to be with someone who is a man, who has raised or is still raising his kids, has lived a lot of life and is clear on who he is and what he wants. I just want ease, peace, confidence and someone who can tell the fucking truth on a basic human level. I just want to have dates that are enjoyable, no real destination, but a fun ass adventure. I’m fun and I realize I hadn’t been engaging in fun because I was stuck on an idea of what I thought I was. That shit is shifting and evolving and I’m cool with observing myself in this space. I don’t know who I’m going to be at the end of my life but I would hope it means that I loved, lived and enjoyed my life fully. I don’t want to be confined by my own definitions of what I think I’m supposed to be or going to be. I want to love and live with responsibility but also fully and without fear. That shit matters and I want to enjoy it with people who are free, who have loved, lost love and looking for love again. I love dating grown ass men because they know who they are and the ease of convo helps me show who I am without hiding the parts that make me me but may cause a less confidant man to be shook up. Nobody has time for that shit. Imma keep dating grown ass men because you know….DIAMONDS and DICK. Lmao!

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