Size Matters

…but not in the way that you think. I’ve heard the term Size Queen and I wasn’t sure what that meant but I learned it was talking about women who are really picky about dicks. They want their dicks big, thick and ready to ride. Lmaooo! I love a good, big ass dick but I’m not going to pretend that sometimes big ass dicks are just way too much for me. I’m have also had my share of little ass dicks and that wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. The thing with most guys who aren’t well endowed, they have mastered the pussy eating game or they substitute their small size for toys, they do try to make it better. However, one time this little dick dude had the fucking audacity to say he didn’t eat pussy. Excuse me? Sooo how the hell we making any moves then? Because tuh…you’re small. He didn’t appreciate my comments. Lmao. We no longer speak.

I think that there’s a few things I’ve learned about myself; I like men who are taller than me, who are on the stronger side and they are rugged. It just so happens these guys happen to have average to big fucking dicks. But so do the shorter and smaller guys as well. But the size of the dick has to come along with the size of the ego and confidence. So, you can have a nice, big, King Kong dick but if all you’re doing is trying to break my vagina then you sir can get the fuck out. I don’t want no big, slanging dick that is being used as a jack hammer….the fuck???? Who the hell wants that shit?? I don’t. I think that size is something you have to learn to adapt to, and make it work for you like Tetris. I love a good big dick fucking from a man who knows how to satisfy a pussy the way a woman would enjoy it. I’m talking about men who know how take the cues from my body, listen to what I’m saying and move with me in tandem and not just doing what he wants. The same is applicable for pussy eating. Don’t just devour my shit…take your time…listen. Let me guide your face…and don’t just do what you want.

I also have an issue with men who lie about their height. If you’re 5’6 don’t say you’re 5’10. I’m gonna see you and meet you, I’m tall and I know height differences. Own your shit and I won’t give you shit about being shorter than me. I actually don’t care about you being shorter if you handle yourself like a boss. I also don’t care about your dick being small if you own your shit. Be big in your mind and we can work it out. I’m not a size queen but I’m a confidence queen. I like men who are bold, audacious, and know their worth. If you’re gonna be arrogant and don’t take direction or lack confidence because you’re insecure then I don’t want you. Does size matter? I guess, but not in yes it does, but it all depends on how you use your body.

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