Gentle Souls

Sometimes you meet someone that you feel like you’ve known for a lifetime. I’m talking about a soul that gets yours and you feel overstood, heard and visible in ways that make you good and vulnerable at the same time. It’s a feeling that I don’t really get how to maneuver because it is a soul thing, it’s a recognition within your mind and soul that feels pure but yet foreign. The feeling is one that makes me feel a cautious excitement that knocks on my heart’s door because those connections do not come along often. I am also not completely sure that these feelings stay as beautiful as they begin. I am wondering about these connections and I’m thrilled that the universe still blesses me with moments to be excited and present to these opportunities of connectedness. I kinda need to just enjoy it for what it is right now and not put any of my funky worldly shit on it, but stay with the joy and the blessing of the interaction.

As much as I am a boss bitch, I am also a very gentle soul, but that part is reserved for those who I know really love me. That part is reserved for the people who have earned my trust and shown me that they can be trusted with my gentle, soft and kind parts without trying to exploit that part of me. It’s the classic case of don’t take my kindness for weakness, and don’t prey on my kindness and try to steal my light for your own warmth when you’re not offering shit. I love meeting other gentle souls who do not have to be gentle souls. I want to meet those who life could have broken, who could be bitter, who could be fucked up, but still choose joy, choose happiness and choose light because they know light defeats shade, every time. I love these men because they are alpha males at times, but they don’t need to have a cock measuring contest to show everyone that they are. They are emotionally intelligent, gentle, kind and sure in who they are and their abilities to be comfortable in their own skin.

The world is filled with ulterior motives and people who want more than they are willing to give. Yet, in the midst of all that there are pure souls who want to be kind, supportive, loving and good natured. These gentle souls want nothing from anyone other than to give light, be light and spread light. I think that these gentle souls find each other and it’s almost awkward for me because I’m like whoa…I don’t have to do anything, no nurturing, no saving, just be light, and they be light and we just grow together and shine bright without any drama or issues. Whatttt?!!!! Could life be so simple? So joyful? So easy? Could it be that merging beautiful light is something that we are meant to do for at least a short while? What if it’s something that I was meant to do for a longer than shorter time? What if this is my lesson in surrender? My lesson in allowing my light to be met with a light that matches mine? Then what? I dunno. But I’m curious.

Let it be.

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