The Joy of People Watching

Observing people anywhere is such a joyful thing for me because reading their body language is far more intriguing than talking to them sometimes. I watch people as they interact with others or as they may be just muttering or thinking to themselves. Watching people is a subtle lesson in sociology when you’re looking without context. I still see patterns because that’s how my brain works, and I see who may be outwardly confident but inwardly really shook. I observe what I think are first time meetings whether date or interview and all kinds of people in between. I observe ring fingers on both men and women and I see lots of tan lines where rings are supposed to be. I overhear conversations but I check out of those quickly because, really, I don’t care. I watch men and women check each other out, I watch men check each other out while their women are right there, I watch people watch me and most people want to smile, feel a flutter and carry on with their day in happiness. I like that.

This post is about the joy of watching people be happy in their day. I don’t know if their lives are happy but I do know that in a moment when I’m observing people, smiling at them and enjoying the moment, they are too and little acts like that make the world a little brighter and isn’t that what it’s all about??? I can, you can, we can offer brighter days to someone with a simple act of smiling, a little flirting and less conversation. But, we can communicate lovingly through our body language and offer so much love and light quite simply. I’m game for that any and every day. Small acts of joy that make us all better in that solitary moment can shift someone’s perspective and alter the course of an entire day and maybe someone’s life. I say that to say, don’t underestimate the joy you can spread in a life with your smile and happy face.

Go forth and be beautiful.

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