She Left Him

Someone near and dear to me left a really fucked up marriage that contained 25 years of abuse. She left him. She left one day, packed up her shit, and she left him. She didn’t have much money, didn’t have possessions, no resume, no real marketable job skills…she left him. They had elaborate parties for their children, and for NYE and many other occasions. She left him. She would cook for people on a large scale, and he would be a host that would smile and then fuck her up when we all left. She left him. I had no idea this was happening because I was kid and I never got into any conversations about anything. But, me being me one day, she and I got to talking and she told me everything. I was mortified. She told me this maybe 5 years ago and I could never return to that house. I can’t know that someone was being abused and then go to their fucking parties like shit was all good. My mother and my aunts and them knew this was happening and they still smiled and joked with HIM. How could they? But she left him.

When my mom told me she left him, I jumped for joy for her. I was fucking soooo proud of her and i also knew I needed to get in touch with her because I knew she must be relieved but terrified. When we spoke she sounded happy but also tired as fuck. He was IS a fucking animal. The way he treated her, subjected her to verbal and physical abuse is something that I cannot deal with and I personally feel like I could take a baseball bat to his knees. He’s a classic sociopath, an abuser of the worst kind, charming and yet fucking devilish. She, an outstanding mother, person, loved one of mine and woman did not deserve any of what he was giving to her and her best revenge will be to live her best fucking life. She is NOT the first woman in my life to flee with their lives, clothes on their backs and their children in tow. I have heard horror stories and writing this makes my eyes sting with tears but it makes my fucking blood boil. A man who beats a woman at all is a coward and he should be fucked up. My sense of justice for those who cannot defend themselves is HIGH and I would take on anybody…with the aid of all the big dudes I know! Lmao! I am not stupid enough to fight an abusive man BUT I know plenty of GOOD MEN who are just waiting to fuck up these bitch ass dudes. Fuck outta here.

These women LEFT. They escaped with their lives, but plenty women have not been able to do so. Many women have died at the hands of abusive partners. Far too many women are subject to horrendous abuse and they are unable to fucking leave and sadly many pay with their lives, and even their children’s lives. I cannot deal with that. I literally am incapable of being in the same room with a man who puts their hands on women. I don’t want to hear about how a woman shouldn’t hit a man. Yup. You’re right. She shouldn’t. BUT THIS FUCKING POST IS ABOUT BITCH ASS who aren’t worth shit because they take their aggression out on women. I am not forgiving in that way. I know many women who stay for the love, or the fear or the hope….I’m not judging them. I support their choice in whatever state they are in and they can process their ptsd or not, I’m still an advocate for their well being and their safety. You can say they are stupid, they are whatever…sure but none of that fucking judgement helps these women. Ever. I’ll always be a resource for women who want to leave their relationships or manage their mental health when they stay in fucked up situations. I am not shaming, judging or putting down a woman in situation that she’s in based on what I think is good for her. Fuck that. Good women support women and that’s that.

This woman left him. She left him. So many women are six feet under or seriously injured because they could not leave. Leaving him was the freedom she needed and I’m so proud of her. To find freedom at any age is a beautiful thing and coming out from under the thumb of someone who restricted and caged you, must feel phenomenal. I am proud of her. She left him. She is free of him and she needs all the love she can get. Send the love to her. She left him.

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