The Ease of Going With The Flow

I don’t have an agenda but I have an intention. The intention is joy, patience and peace. Inside of that is to worry less, work hard when it is time, play hard when it is time, be kind, be responsible, be honest, have integrity and carry on with my life. I have no energy to hold a grudge, and I will not. If we talk again after a falling out, then we do, and if we don’t, then we don’t. If we used to date and there’s an opportunity to be friends again, let’s be friends and if there isn’t, then there isn’t. If we go on a date and the chemistry is horrible, let’s just part ways because there’s no point in holding on to that unless we decide to do some work together. I just find that these days it’s a lot easier to allow the flow of the interaction to happen organically and let it go the way it’s meant to. I am feeling the same approach with work and money. The money and the work always comes. The intention is always set and the universe provides. I feel as though what’s meant for you will find you and you still have to put in some work to keeping it, but for the most part, an honest and heartfelt go at your day will yield positive results. And on the days that the lesson isn’t so positive, figure out how to make the next day better. I’m learning. I’m happy being me, working for me, surrounded by people who love me and who love themselves. I am meeting folks who are in the best parts of their lives and everyone just wants to be free and love freely and move through life with joy. That’s what we should all be doing if we can.

Who I was a month ago, a year ago is someone I love so much. I love that version of myself because I was still searching and my current self is still searching but I think that I am accessing my true north, my true self and I keep getting affirmation that I am in the right place. I can’t ever be mad at that. The beauty is see so clearly in others is what I feel about myself. I love connecting with people in ways that are meaningful and leaves us both satisfied, happy, and feeling a little lighter. This world is for all of us to feel a joy and to learn a thing or two about ourselves that will make us feel peace. It is important to access our passion and push for that over any fear of what could be or supposing. Let us just access the power inside of ourselves because if you don’t access you…then….what…is…the…point? Our lights are here to be bright…our passion is meant to set the world ablaze…and our love is to be given freely. I think i found these things when I let go of what I thought I knew and started asking for what I wanted and living the life consistent with what I wanted vs what I had. I boxed myself into smallness at every turn and I got small results. I am not mad at myself. That’s where I was at the time. I needed to learn. That’s okay.

I want you to believe in you. I want you to love who you are today and really just do something that will give you joy, light and power beyond what you think you deserve. I see myself and others in ways that we should love all people. Nothing separates us more than our own bullshit and our own biases. On a very micro level, and an individual level, I’ve learned so much about people who I would have NEVER spoken to three months ago. I have so much in common with so many people and I have also found light and friendship in unlikely places. I love that. I’ve been on dates with people older and just different than me in many regards but the chemistry is through the roof. I needed my little self imposed box because now that my life is vast and full, I can say that I ain’t going back. I can’t go back. Life is for living fully and without fear. I’m learning. Soon I’ll elevate again and when that happens I’ll be ready. I love y’all. Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “The Ease of Going With The Flow

  1. You always seem to get ME. I had a reflective day yesterday… staying in the moment, meditating .. no television, phone, Ipad or any type of technology. I needed to let go of someone new that I was really into but I realized that he is not the right energy. In the past I would have hung in there… stuck it out. But my happiness and need to continuously vibrate higher, comes first with this new and improved version of ME. Thank you for this!


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