Come To Daddy

The thought of calling a man other than my father daddy used to mortify me in my 20s. Ewwww…what the entire fuck? Why the hell would I call you daddy? That shit is mucho weird and I’m not doing it…EVER. Welp, until right this moment where it’s more appealing than ever. I don’t know when deciding to call a man daddy would be such a turn on, but it is. It all started when I was chatting it up with this guy, and out of left field, he said something like, good girl, or good baby girl, and my physical reaction was getting super wet, and naturally I just said “yes, daddy.” And ummmmmm it was fucking hot!!! I literally loved the idea of being his baby girl and he was thrilled that I slid right into calling him daddy. Yum, the thought of it is so enticing.

Check it, when you’re texting, anyone can say anything, especially with some liquid courage but in person, without any influence, and on an ordinary day, in a non sexual situation, calling someone daddy could potentially be weird as fuck. However, he and I already engaged in this role play and he even told me what to wear, what lipstick and what underwear or lack there of….ha ha. Omg. I can’t with myself. Anyway, I digress, so I’m late because fucking MTA likes to absolutely ruin my life, so I text him to say this and he’s like no problem, I’ll just have to add some spankings to the agenda. Oh. My. God. The old me would have been mortified but current me was like AHHHHHHHHHH SHIT…..yasssssss…do that shit. Spank it, daddy. Lmao!!!! Anyway, so I’m nervous as fuck and I’m legit trying to see if I could have the courage to call this man daddy, straight to his face, without any alcohol or anything but my imagination. Well, y’all, ya girl worked up the nerve and I swear, as though it was a movie, I walked up to him, and whispered in his ear “Hi daddy.” And he says ” Mmmm, hi baby girl, you’ve been naughty.” Tee Hee….Teee..Heeeeeee….oh my god…I was wet instantly.

That entire date was one big experiment in relinquishing control. He was in control of the date from choosing the spot, to our next location, food choices, the kiss, taking my hand, the way he’d put his hand on my body and at no point was it oppressive, restrictive, weird, or condescending. It was the most organic thing I ain’t know I needed. I needed to be able to let go, allow myself to be lead and not worry about anything and that felt frigging great. I mean, I’m still me, I didn’t turn into some subservient twit, but I was the more relaxed, ultra feminine and a very submissive version of myself that I really fucking enjoy. It was relaxing. He made it easy to yield and submit to him because he’s chill, laid back, confident, soft spoken, deliciously fine, and he melted into me when I kissed him. He allowed his power to be dominant but also malleable enough to allow himself to be taken over by my sensuality and allowed himself to get lost in my prowess BECAUSE he knew I’d submitted myself in that way. We were both disarmed and open to being caught up in that very moment, each time and simply be in the midst of a romance novel, right in New York City. I forgot that I’d loved the city, but being with someone who entices you, will make you enjoy simple shit again.

Calling him daddy, was kinda DEFINITELY hot. I liked that shit because it means he had me, had my back and took control of the situation. I was his baby girl and I was so into that shit. I’m so glad that I’ve learned to relinquish control and yield to the right type of guy, in the right set of circumstances, even if it’s just for a moment. But I know that the men I’m into happen to be older, more seasoned and have boss ass personalities. I’m okay with that. It doesn’t have anything to do with daddy issues, but I think for me it’s about control, and the need to know that my back is had. I’m assertive, self assured and confident and that has translated over into relationships as well as my day to day and that shit was wack. It wasn’t fun for anyone. I think when you’re seeing an older man who knows his way around a woman, around a relationship and just knows who he is, he will take control of that situation no matter what I may think I’m out here to do. Daddy Samurai didn’t even miss a beat with letting me know what he wanted me to do, what he was going to do and letting me know he wanted me. Fucccck, yes…take charge…I like that shit. I have no problem with it, and it feels GOOD.

In my 20s, the person asking me to call him daddy was a god damn fool. He absolutely did not EARN that shit and he’s more my fucking son than a daddy. It takes a particular confidence, essence and ummmmph to be bold enough to call yourself daddy, and assume that the woman will oblige. It’s literally something that drives me wild BUT not every guy can do it. I just know when I feel the click how a situation will go. He caught me off guard BUT I was game. I am loving being his baby girl and I am gonna see how that situation plays out, and I literally don’t know how it will BUT…I’m enjoying the ride. Yum.

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