Support The Babies

Your judgement and your stupid fucking opinions about millennials, and Generation Z is absolutely irrelevant and out of place. These kids this and these kids that and all the other bullshit that y’all ageist motherfuckers have to say about these kids are annoying. And you know what? Given the way that the world is going, these same kids are going to be y’all bosses, your retirement planners and more than likely they will be the overlords of this country in YOUR lifetime. So buckle the fuck up Bill and Susan…your shit is about to get real interesting, so you better support them because you cannot beat them.

As a former in school educator and a forever educator, I’ll always advocate for youth and their personal interests. These kids needs adults who will hear them, support them and correct them, and support them even when they fuck up. The last thing any of these babies need is judgement from the people they need support from. My kiddos know that they can come to me with anything, they know I’ll give them my honest, raw and unfiltered opinion AND I’ll give them my unconditional support and big love. I would be a horrible adult if I didn’t give these kids all that I had in mean regarding love, energy and support. These kids are worth every single bit of my time and I’ll give it unlimited time because life ain’t easy for these kids. I am thinking about the loss of XXTentacion, and how incredibly tragic it is and how it affected the young people in my life, including Boy Wonder. I don’t really know the story or the drama or even the rapper, honestly BUT he was 20. Yikes. He ain’t even really start living his life and now, he’s just gone.

Other 80s babies like me I know can acutely remember where we were when we found out Biggie and Pac died. I cried hard for Tupac. I mean genuinely sobbing and I remember my mom saying something like “You don’t even know him.” My stank face was definitely on and in my mind I was like “BITCH YOU DONT KNOW ME!!!!” Rappers, actually musicians period really speak to people, but to be 13-24 and in this world, your musicians are carrying your emotions on their tongues. Apparent XXTentacion had a message and that message landed heavily on the souls and hearts of these children and his passing has affected them in horrendous ways. Why these kids dying? It’s not because they don’t value life, they live fast, and they live hard NOT UNLIKE any of these old motherfuckers did, but guns are wayyyyyyy more accessible. The internet makes it easy to be a fucking gangsta and people’s locations are easy to find. PLUS the pressure that society puts on people to be one way, and the rage goes unchecked AND old assholes don’t help…so all that in a powder keg and BOOM!

Boy Wonder and my babies are my pulse on what is happening in the world of young people. I need them because they remind me of why I need to continue to be an educator and be a good listener. It’s important for me to know that I can be a light in world where ppl are telling these kids they ain’t shit. Or a world that tries to stifle their expressions because they aren’t what they expect. It’s really important to me, that these kids know they can talk to me when they feel anything, at anytime because as an adult it’s my job to lean in and be there to support regardless of what’s happening. The death of thing young boy was a murder but there’s an alarming suicide statistic affecting young people all through this country and I really feel like more adults should spend more time listening and not judging these kids. They need our support AND not our fucking judgement.

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