Crying Heals You

I was simply explaining what I was experiencing to Daddy and I started crying uncontrollably. I never ever ever cry in front of anyone but for whatever reason he made it easy for me to express myself and I was boohoo crying into his chest and he didn’t act awkwardly or like a weirdo. He made that shit easy for me to be in that moment without feeling any kind of way, except validated and heard. He legit made room for me to be myself and cry my eyes out and I felt so much better. There is really something to be said about men who hold the space for peace without needing to interject their stuff into it. He was the space for peace and for the moment to flow. I appreciate his fine ass because he looked at me and I mean really stared at me and he said “Your vulnerability is the best part of who you are, and that’s why I keep coming back every time.” Be still my beating heart. OKAY DADDY!!!!!

I spent like an hour crying and talking. In that space he asked questions to understand. He didn’t try to coach me or fix me or offer answers to questions I didn’t ask. He was there for me and I felt it. Then, when I was empty, and really done with my boo hooing, I wanted him more than I wanted him before BECAUSE he was so genuine and that to me is everything. He is Daddy and he’s gentle as hell. He’s firm when he needs to be and yields when he has to. But a huge part of a Daddy IS to be a protector, a listener, being there to teach me and show me some light and he did that without making that shit seem forced. I was really just a baby girl in that moment. I didn’t have to hold it together or any of that other shit. I just needed to cry and he let me.

I didn’t realize how much tears I was holding in. Once I started I couldn’t stop and it was bucket loads of tears that felt heavy coming out of my eyes but it left my soul feeling light and I really let free. I also felt even lighter when those walls came down and I was achieving crazy orgasms that I didn’t know was possible. Lots of mother fuckers wanna be daddy but they don’t have what it takes. He earned his title and not because he gives good pipe BUT because he took care of my heart. I like that shit. AND we don’t talk everyday. We don’t talk on the phone. We spend our time talking when we are together and when we aren’t together, we live in the heart of each other but we save all that talking for in person and I like it like that. Sex is one thing and it’s okay I guess if it’s just about the sex. But rally having sex with someone who likes you even when you poured all your weeks and months of pent up tears into their chest and soak their shirt is amazing. He just really got my heart and I love that. That moment was beautiful and the sex was even better. I’m telling you, every girl needs a daddy to make shit right when things all seem really wrong. I’m grateful.

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