8 Years of Mommying

Wow!!!!!!!! My baby is 8 today. I can hardly believe it. She was just born the other and now she’s tall, funny, athletic, compassionate, sassy and super grown. My how the time has flown and wow how I’ve grown. My child has taught me the best parts of being alive and being a human being. Because of her I am far more patient and understanding because not only would I like the courtesy to be extended to her but I want to teach her what it’s like to be a person who leads with kindness. She does that so well, and often times she’s my gut check and she will tell me when I’m not being nice nor leading with kindness. It’s an honor and a privilege to parent this girl and I feel so lucky that SHE chose me to be her mom.

She was always a choice for me. I knew she was a girl the moment I found out I was pregnant. I knew that we were connected because I used to dream of her and I’d talk to her often when she was cooking in my womb. When she was born at 11:04 AM, I was ready for her and she was ready for me. She latched on and drank her milk and we have been hanging out ever since. She teaches me the importance of honoring my word because she will clock me if I skip out on a duty. She says it kindly and with compassion but she checks me!!! I end up doing what I said I would do. Ha ha.

The best gift I can give to Give Thanks is teaching her how to honor herself, her feelings and not to let people’s opinions affect how she feels about herself. I don’t want her to ever feel like she’s ever beholden to anyone and their feelings. I want her to feel good about her choices for herself and not be a people pleaser or get caught up in the drama of someone else’s emotions. At this stage she’s young and their drama isn’t all that complicated yet BUT these are the ages where they are learning about their conscience. They are also learning about friendships, loyalty and how to make sense of the whole thing. I have open dialogues with her about her feelings and her thoughts about her relationships with kids and adults. She has some pretty cool perspectives and many we align on in one way or another. She’s pretty aware of her thoughts and her feelings but like all little people she doesn’t always know how to make sense of it all and my job is to support her with that.

I became a mommy on this day. I was born too. I grew up and changed a lot in 8 years as well. I’ve gone through a whole shift in many aspects of my life and yet the most important job I have and will ever have, is being my daughter’s mom. Easing her into being a spiritual warrior was a choice I made for her. But it just so happened that she was ready for yoga at 2 years old. She was ready for the sound of the ohms to run through her body and she knows to use them to calm her down now. Mindfulness is also a gift I had to share with her because the world is so noisy. I wanted to give her the tools to activate silence and the ability to listen and be in tune with herself. Mindfulness coupled with self awareness should take her far in this life. I will do my best to listen, affirm, validate and be open to her as much as I possibly can because she is worth all of that.

Here’s to many more years of life for my beautiful daughter.

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