A Star Is Born

***SPOILER ALERTS ALL THROUGH THIS SHIT…so don’t read if you know you don’t want to know.***

I need to open with the fact that this movie got me all kinds of fucked up. What the hell??!!? I mean it was good and all but it was also traumatizing as shit. While we weren’t shown the image of Bradley Cooper hanging in full, there was enough shown to make me cry like I was there cutting his body down. My god. What am I about to write? Well, for starters I’ll say that the music industry and perhaps fame on the whole is something I do not want. I will gladly take the money that comes with fame but I’ll gladly return most of it to maintain my anonymity and my damn sanity. Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and Lady Gaga (Ally) were absolutely exceptional on their roles. Their acting was impeccable and I felt every bit of emotion that was intended to be portrayed. They did really well. But fucking hell, why no one told me that this dude was going to kill himself??!!!?? Ally was shattered and I am so mad at Jackson for doing that to her. You guys know that I am ultra compassionate about suicide and those who choose to take their lives BUT this death made me angry just as it made me sad. Their story was doomed from the beginning. Duh. He was a fall down drunk and she loved him with all she had but as usual when you struggle with addiction, there is really nothing that will get your partner to stop other than serious help, mental strength and personal fortitude. Even with all that, sometimes the disease of addiction will win. Fuck.

Aight the parts of the movie that I loved though? The way he made her feel. Kinda….actually now that I am thinking about that fucking movie, I really did not like it BECAUSE that shit was about so much toxicity and poison. There’s nothing glamorous about that type of relationship. He basically imposed himself upon her, and she was the caretaker for her father and his friends and then became the caretaker of this drunk asshole too. What kind of life is that for anyone? She had to be subject to his verbal abuse AND had to deal with her own father who basically was telling her she wasn’t beautiful enough in a Hollywood kind of a way. She was complimented in a backhanded, underhanded, backdoor kind of a way. At no point was anyone choosing Ally for Ally!!! She was never allowed to choose for herself what she wanted and eventually she became slave to the industry and basically was being pulled by her love for Jackson and her love for her career. But her career wasn’t hers and I guess once you’re in the music business, you belong to your label and that’s that.

The music was beautifully tragic as fuck. The music was so good that it hurt. Lady Gaga’s voice is stupid good. My god. Her voice was so moving, and her acting was superb. You could feel all her emotions on the screen. She’s exceptionally talented and I was really impressed by what I saw. I was taken aback by Bradley’s singing as well. He didn’t sound bad at all and well, he’s easy as hell on the eyes so that was fantastic. I am currently listening to the soundtrack and traumatizing myself over and over again. I can see each part of the movie when the song that corresponds is being played but all of it is overshadowed by Jackson’s fucked up suicide. The song that she sings at the end took my breath away. It felt like Ally really lost Jackson and she was trying to put herself back together by singing that song. But if Ally were real, could she recover??? Would she still want her career? Would her heart beat the same? Would life be as sweet? It would be damn tough. It would be devastating as fuck. But she would have to live.

Was this movie as amazing as everyone said? Yes and no. The acting was Oscar worthy. The music is Grammy worthy. The story wack as fuck. A Star Was Born…sure BUT the caretaker that she always was and remained up until her husband’s death was too tragic. She probably went back to caring for her dad and his friends and probably more than ever now because she was making serious bank. She became famous, sure but her story was still tragic and continued to be for all of what we could see. That makes me so sad for all of the women who never learn how to let love in without needing to break their own hearts so the ppl in their lives could live. Terrible. Fucking terrible and heartbreaking. I don’t wish that story upon any woman. It’s a sad, cliched, tired fucking story and there’s nothing Oscar worthy about that. I may get a lot of flack for saying how I feel but it’s true. The movie was not inspiring and there was nothing romantic about it. I’m sick of these stories. Let’s do something else.

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