Be Easy

Easy like Sunday mornings is a phrase that makes me think of warm breeze, driving in a Jeep with all the windows down, on a long winding highway on the West Coast. That makes me happy and makes me smile so much and it brings my heart to a place of joy because that’s what I want for my life. I want days that are easy like Sunday mornings. What could get me there you ask? Well for starters I would surely love to teach a yoga class in the woods with people who really want to be there. I have a side of me that loves and is in love nature so much and I would walk deep into the woods and take my class near a waterfall and just breathe and stretch out! How dope would that be? Being easy would also mean being able to go to Scandinavia or East Africa or South Asia and just relax and breathe free because I was there for a reason and I had no reason to worry because I was there with all my ducks in a row and I was there to make a difference.

When I think about this life and the things that really stress me, I realize that it’s my thoughts about the situation that actually stress me. I really agonize in ways that are counterproductive because I’m seeing it not from a universal reality but rather one that is rooted in obstacles and defeat. How can I ever find my way if my internal compass is going haywire? Anxiety is an incessant and consistent worry. It’s about never being satisfied with the current state of things and always find ways to self sabotage. Oh my god, who can live this way? There’s a state of being that can seriously transform my life. Guess what it is? EASE!!!!!!! It’s ease!!!! My way of being needs to be ease because honestly whether I worry or not, the time will pass anyway. Worrying is an absolute waste of time AND it has me miss out on opportunities for gratitude and gratefulness. I don’t want that to be my reality by any stretch of the imagination. I’m taking these next few days as an opportunity to not only be ease but to be in gratitude for all of my lessons and blessings in my life up to this point. I am also going to take the opportunity to create and manifest the things that I need to have my days be easy like Sunday mornings.

I want to say that the things in life that cause us the most grief, kinda shouldn’t. Well maybe not shouldn’t but love, shouldn’t ever feel heavy and hard. I know that our thoughts about situations make things heavy and hard but LOVE and loving someone and receiving love should be a thing of ease because love is a verb. It’s a verb that is effortless, comes with time and there isn’t much to do. I can recall myself doing a lot when it came to love. Maybe I should do this, or act this way or think like this or and I meant seriously it was never ending. But what I’m learning is that the peace and ease within myself, about myself and how I speak to myself is what will make room for others to follow suit. So if I’m selling out on myself to make someone else happy and I’m not speaking up for myself then it is not love…actually it’s conforming, appeasing and fitting myself into the shape of what I think someone wants. But that, I’ve learned is a waste of time. If I’m going to be happy, the happy is for ME and if it so happens that I’m happy with someone who is happy with them, then YESSSSSSSSSSSSS we can walk together. The key to longevity, sustainability and transparency in relationships with others is to have the courage to speak my truth always and everywhere. The moment I have to shrink, hide, cut back, dial back or any of the words that mean smaller than I am, then it’s not working. I’m not working for myself and it means a re-evaluation of my personal goals. If I’m not being the best version of me for me then what am I offering anyone else?

The creation for myself is something I’ve been working on forever. I gotta share my vision more often, I want to ask more questions, I want to make requests for myself and I want to just be bold enough to keep pushing even when one door closes. I know my dreams and hopes and desires are mine and they are for me to attain. I can’t and won’t get that if I don’t speak up and share and ask questions. A part of ease and going with the flow of life is also believing that all that I want can take place within the conversations that I need to have. I am taking the time to focus on what my vision is and I am going to put that same energy talking about it. Travel means the world to me. Yoga means the world to me. Love and giving and receiving love means the world to me. Education equity is something that matters to me and all of those things are knocking on my door and I’m ready to get all of them. Miracles can happen if I allow them to. I am at the source of miracles appearing. I am good for that. I am good at that. I know myself to be a powerhouse and a good witch and I believe it’s time to wake up all the parts of me that I let lay dormant for too long. There is power in intention, spoken word, written word and in agreement with the universe. And after all…it is already written!!!!

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