You Are The Magic

I love woo-woo, and the fairies and magical things when I think about life. I like to think of myself as a good witch and I get good things by putting good vibes out into the world. I love the idea of karma and doing good to get good. All of those things are wonderful for me. I also know that none of that shit is real without actually doing WORK. I mean I don’t care how many damn crystals you stack on your third eye, or how many white baths you take or how much palo santo you put up your nose hole….none of that magical shit can work if you aren’t taking baby steps every day towards your goals. I think that the moon phases, numerology and astrology could definitely assist with the creation and moving forward our intentions BUT you gotta have some practical intentions first. You will probably write some shit down and possibly take a moment or ten to figure out what you need to do next. It’s like the people who say they want to find the love of their life, but they don’t ever go out, or won’t sign up for online dating. They stay home, watch Netflix and hangout with their pets and have the audacity to wonder why no one is hitting up their phone. Tuh!!!!! Do the work boo!!!!

My thoughts are the source of my magic AND my downfall. I am simultaneously my best friend and my own worst enemy. I have to remember to make the agreements that serve my highest self, and don’t just do the easy thing, which requires no effort and as a result, no results. Bummer. At some point miracles and magic will happen BUT it happens when the work is done. If I’m doing work is it actually miracles and magic or is it just cause and effect? Honestly, because I am a little weird and I am also pretty practical, I can see the value in both things. I think Moon phases are big factors in having intentions, dreams and intentions come to life. However the work of writing the intention down, and actually putting the blood and sweat into it, are steps that cannot be skipped. I want y’all to know that I’m talking to myself but I know other people struggle with this too. I think it’s fear of the unknown that keeps us trapped in the same cycle for years. We say we wanna level up, but don’t actually do the shit that requires leveling up. Ugh. I annoy myself so much sometimes. *eyeroll*

I have been reading posts from Audrey Kitching lately and I love the stuff she has to say. I like her because she just says that she follows her heart and she isn’t speaking from a book or anything. I am asked often, what do I do, and how do I know what I know? But honestly y’all, it is trial and error. I live my life, I do work, and I sometimes don’t do work and I get the results of what I do or don’t do. I also follow my heart BUT I have really been learning from my lessons and my breakdowns. I feel that I am magical not from all of the things that have gone right, but from the things I have come through. I love the idea of magic, doing rituals and all of the beautiful healing things that go along with hard work because it makes me hopeful. I like to believe that those who have passed are guiding me every single day. I like the thought that monarch butterflies are a guiding point for me. I like the wonderful rituals that I’ve picked up along the way. Those things coupled with hard work and practical strategies make for a fantastic life filled with magic and possibilities. I am magic and so are you.

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