His Love Transformed Me

Oh, my love, it seems like our road has come to an end and while sad, every single moment was so worth it. He is The Alchemist and his alchemy transformed some of the hurt inside of my heart into healing. His words and deeds consistent, tender and honest laid a foundation for possibilities to live powerfully. I had dates with this man that I could have only dreamed about. There were all day dates to destinations local, yet our moments together felt like continental travel. He would take my hand and we would get lost in conversation, in each other’s eyes and in the moments. His kisses made time stop, and for that moment I did not want to be anywhere else. I was at peak happiness and that makes me feel lucky and very blessed.

I believe he and I knew that we were on borrowed time so we made the best of it. We used our time wisely, fully and intentionally. We spent time focused on gratitude, our healing, and recognizing growth in real time. I could recognize where I had evolved and leveled up. We spent hours analyzing, dissecting and sorting through what was coming to the surface. I will never say that we did not have hard times, but even our hard times were never bad times. We acknowledged when we felt prickly, it was something occurring within ourselves that needed resolution. It was never really about each other, it was always inner work begging to be worked through.

I love him in ways that are practical and fantastic. The love I have for him is enormous, vast and fluid. We have parted ways for no reason other than it was time. It had nothing to do with compatibility and everything to do with honoring our individual paths. When you love someone deliberately and fully you are able to see them as an individual separate from you. When you really listen, you hear their needs, and sometimes you are able to help them more than they can help themselves. We loved each other so much so that we were able to leave all of our time together on the table in order to fulfill our individual missions. This is maturity and true love. He and I shared a beautiful season, and it has made me stronger, wiser and capable of far more love. I am more aware of my desires and present to what will not work. He taught me how to truly love without conditions and expectations. He is truly a beautiful man who showed up at the right time and we are better for having shared our time together.

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