Over Easy Eggs

I wanted eggs. He made eggs. He made them over-easy. I made a face. He fried them hard. He said he wasn’t sure, so he made it the way that he would be able to fix it, in case I didn’t like it. That simple act indicated to me he has foresight, consideration and he made the effort to read my body language. Thanks for that.

I love a man who caters to me in ways that put a smile on my face. I don’t need over the top gestures of love for him to prove that he desires me. I will however accept them. I am moved by anything that someone does with my happiness in mind. I appreciate someone who does something without me asking because more often than not, I’ll say no. If someone wants to do something nice for me, just do it and I can almost guarantee I’ll love it more than you could ever truly understand.

I’ve never been a person who encouraged the man I’m dating to do very nice things for me. I’ve never hinted or alluded to the fact that it’s something that I wanted. But now, where I am in this space of my life, I am wanting that. I am not talking about diamonds but I’ll take diamonds. I am referring to flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates and anything else that would be considered cute and romantic. I want it, I never allowed for that to happen and I’m embracing that way of being now. How come? I deserve to be thought of in sweet ways and given tangible examples of that thought.

I have the hardest time in the world accepting anything from anyone. It’s a side effect of many years of needing to DO and not enough of allowing people to do for me. I am working through it. I don’t have answers or the formula for how to do it but I’m going to acknowledge it here first. Universe, I am ready to be shown displays of love and affection. I want to know and see that I’m on the mind of the people who love me and specifically from the men I date. I am making a way for that to be real and to show up in a way that is healthy, balanced and positive. I am going to attract that to my life and the universe will bless me. Fried eggs over-hard was just the beginning. I am ready 😍

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