Quit The Job You Hate

It’s Sunday night, you are restless, irritable and dreading Monday morning, except this is the feeling every single night. You hate your job for a plethora of reasons and very little makes you want to stay, however, you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you’re there for the paycheck. Your gut nudges you when you’re sitting in meetings to make time for more meetings while accomplishing absolutely nothing. Your brain drifts to the laundry you desperately need to do, your laughable love life and Game of Thrones finally returning, so your life could have some purpose. You know you’ve had enough of your boss who you tolerate, your coworkers are okay for the most part but you are dying inside, bored and living a routine similar to the life of a sloth; uneventful.

Remember the dream you had for yourself when you were most inspired? The pursuit of the skills you’ve acquired, coupled with the enormous dreams you just knew could manifest into reality? Why did you give up on that? I know it may seem like taking a “good job” is the most logical move when you don’t have the capital to do what you love. However, if you allow the job to become ALL you do and neglect what you actually love, your soul will rebel and nothing in your routine will satisfy you. When you’ve settled in a job for money, benefits and to be comfortable, your life will reflect that in every single way. You’ll plateau in your career, your relationships, your fitness routine and in your hobbies or lack thereof. Everything will be simply okay, but you’ll witness the vividness of your dream dissipating while you continue to delude yourself. You’re reading this and the knot there’s a lump in your throat because this is your life. These words are sitting on your psyche like cement blocks tied to you dreams, sinking to the bottom of the Hudson.

The good news is here! If you can still feel sad about reading this, then you have not completely given up on your dreams. You’re at an impasse and it may feel impossible to activate your dreams from where you are, and it’s okay. You must create an agreement with yourself to take one small step today to support the life you want. Write it down. Be in the inquiry of what you want for your life today. What do I want? You have to admit to yourself that the binge-watching, marathon meetings at working, left and right swiping and talking about absolutely nothing with people you tolerate, is pushing you further away from your best self. You have to feel your anger, sadness and disappointment in yourself, and then schedule a time to stop the bullshit and create a plan for what’s next. Reacquaint yourself with the giddy feeling in your tummy when you think about doing what you love AND monetizing your passion. Feel the excitement and exhilarating rush coursing through your veins when you imagine working for yourself and with people who are aligned with their passions. Take a moment to reflect on how you feel when you know you’re living your best life.

Take the steps to leave the bullshit job you absolutely hate. I promise the universe will align with your true passions and you will not regret leaving. Money may be tight for a while, you’ll have to make some sacrifices, your current inner circle probably will not understand and you’ll lose dead weight literally and figuratively. You’ll look forward to every single working day because they will be filled with adventure, possibilities and a schedule YOU created. Your meetings will be rewarding, you’ll feel like change was actually made and busy days will become productive days and you’ll sleep well but not long because the excitement will take over your life. Every single day will feel like you’ve won the biggest prize because you will be consistent, deliberate, diligent AND fulfilled. You owe it to yourself to pursue your wildest dreams because the time will pass regardless, and when you’re on your death bed you’ll regret selling out on yourself. You’ll be sad that you chose to help someone else build their dream while you existed in a mediocre routine riddled by complaints and tired ass excuses. You deserve better than that.

Quit. Your. Job. Live the life you deserve because you believe you deserve it. Period.

2 thoughts on “Quit The Job You Hate

  1. I wanted to write books. I wanted to be the next VC Andrews. I have three or four books started and not finished. Children, work, household responsibilities. I tell myself I need to find the time to write – but then my inner asshole brain tells me that being a published author is hard and almost impossible to obtain success. I convince myself of these things and prevent myself from writing. Vicious cycle.


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