Sweet Hell Alabama

FUCK ALABAMA and their problematic ass abortion bill! If you somehow have been sleeping under a rock and missed what Alabama has done to the women of that state, let me bring you up to speed. In an incredibly hateful show of force and abuse of power, 25 MEN have decided that abortions in the state of Alabama are illegal ONLY if the mother’s life is in danger. HOWEVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… if a woman is raped or gets pregnant through incest (a family member raping her) she must still have the baby. The only pardon is if the mother’s life is in jeopardy through no fault of her own BUT the doctors have to prove that fact. EXCUSE ME?

The law is aimed at protecting fetuses. Therefore, I am to understand that these 25 men have deemed the “rights” of a fetus to be more important than that of the GIRL/WOMAN carrying said fetus. A girl/woman who has been sexually abused (a violation of her body) has to also have her civil rights violated because 25 men care about a fetus more than her. You are telling me that an 11-year-old girl should carry her rapist’s baby to term in her barely developed body? A woman who does not want to bring a child into this world, should have a child anyway? Men who absolutely cannot grow a baby in their bodies have decided to make a law to oppress women and further dictate what they should do with their bodies. There is nothing fair nor constitutional about that. It is an incredibly gross violation of Roe v. Wade and this law puts far too many in mental, emotional and physical jeopardy.

Alabama, Ohio, and Georgia have passed this disgusting anti-abortion bill yet they are all death penalty states. Fetuses who are not fully developed should have rights that outweigh that of a human? How are these states pro-life but still support the death penalty? What happens if they execute an innocent human being? Oops! There are thousands of children in the foster care system who have been abused, born addicted to drugs, bounced around from home to home, tortured and unloved. These beautiful babies deserve better, and they deserve the right to quality education, healthcare and the same opportunities afforded to children living way above the poverty line. Sadly, unfairly and tragically they are neglected by these same lawmakers who cared so passionately about their rights in the womb. These same advocates for fetuses are the same ones who are quick to bring punitive measures to poor, marginalized, and uneducated children. Where is the cavalry for the children who are being sexually abused right now? Why is there no death penalty for the rape of a child? Where is the bill for that?

These laws protect no one. Nobody should be forced to bring a child into this world they do not want. The ramifications of that decision are well documented and the evidence is on display based on the number of headstones on the graves of little bodies killed by people who did not want them. These laws are draconian and it brings down the morale of an entire country when we acknowledge that our sisters will now have to do whatever it takes to stay alive AND out of prison AND remain childless. I am saddened and heartbroken by this disgusting law that’s been passed in these states. Roe v. Wade matters and transformed the lives of every single woman in America. I do not care why a woman wants to have an abortion, she should safely be allowed to do so. I am an advocate for the living who are here right now, and who deserve to live a life of wellness, choosing what’s best for their physical, mental, and emotional health. Let us not pretend that these 25 mother fuckers gave a shit about the bodies of women, and really just get a rise out of policing women’s bodies. It is deplorable to think that an 11-year-old baby has to carry the baby of a 26-year-old. If that doesn’t break your heart, and make you sick to your stomach then you are a fucked up human being. Period.

One thought on “Sweet Hell Alabama

  1. Even for someone like me, who is probably more conservative than central (though I’m pretty much in the middle) – even this dug deep into my hidden inner feminist and was like “Wait just a second here….” I am really confused here about how these men get to choose the fate of women. It would seem to me that these lawmakers are trying to tie religion into their politics, which is a no-no anyway.

    I had an abortion about eight months after my daughter was born. Why? Because I couldn’t fathom raising another baby. I was struggling as it was. Before I made that choice, I was always “pro-life” … but then something happens and suddenly you’re in the very situation you swore you were against, and somehow the picture is different because it’s you. It’s at that point that I realized I have to stop being so judgmental about what others deem right even if, at the time, I believe it to be wrong.

    Though I’d have to admit that late term abortions bother me. I personally don’t think I could go through an abortion past two months. When I had mine, I was five weeks pregnant and they were unable to detect a heartbeat that early.

    Besides all of that – men don’t need to be making laws when it comes to our reproductive organs. It takes two to conceive the natural way, and it’s so easy for them to just up and dip out if they don’t want to stick around and raise a child. We, as mothers, don’t have that kind of option – at least not easily. Ridiculous.

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