The Right To Own A Gun

The second amendment says as an American citizen you have the fundamental right to own a gun, and I agree. The average person who has obtained a gun legally is not out here looking to murder groups of their fellow human beings, yet when a mass shooting takes place there is a call for a revision of the Second Amendment, and yes a revision should take place, but most of the mass shooters obtained their weapons legally, they may not have needed to take a mental fitness test but they passed a background check, therefore they had what they needed to murder innocent human beings. However, when we look a bit closer at the number of gun owners who have semi-automatic weapons, and maybe assault rifles, most are not out here taking innocent lives. Why do they need those guns? Honestly, that’s none of my business but the 2nd amendment says they can, and if bought legally, then what is the issue? The gun owners I know have handled guns since they were children, they have multiple guns, and they are very responsible with their weapons, and they also do not own weapons of war. Should they be banned from owning guns too? I don’t think the issue is to disarm, and ban all guns, MOSTLY because it is a fundamental American right.

Guns terrify me. I have dated a cop, as mentioned before I know gun owners, and their weapons freak me out. I sit in a very public space to do my work and if someone wanted to murder everyone in here it would be extremely easy. I would bet that like me, no one is armed, and we would be sitting ducks, and eventually dead ass ducks. Scary. I have anxiety thinking and even writing about it, but it is the truth. Who would be able to stop a mass murderer? Someone else with a gun with equal or more force. What would happen if someone in here saw him, and took him out before he could get to us because we were allowed to have guns in here? Would that make me feel safer? Yes, and no. Yes, because someone would defend us, but no because why the fuck is this deranged ass individual coming in here to kill innocent human beings in the first place??? Do we really have a gun issue in the United States? I believe we have a few compounded issues which may look like JUST a gun issue, but it isn’t that simple. 

The profile is typically a young, formerly bullied, below-average looking white male who spent too much time with lack of interaction and intervention by a parent, and became lost in the confines of his own mind. He’s a loner, he idolized the Columbine killers, other mass murderers, before him and he has been rejected by most of the girls he wanted because he was fucking weird and creepy as fuck. This is not JUST a gun issue, naw, this is an issue about learning how to be a good citizen in society without murdering people who may or may not have hurt your feelings. This is an issue of compulsive video gaming and not enough social interaction with other human beings with whom there is a shared interest. This is an issue of parents or guardians giving too much latitude and not leaning enough when their kid starts to withdraw and their behavior becomes increasingly bizarre and aggressive. This is missed opportunities to take these boys to yoga, long-ass walks, and weekly psychiatric appointments because SURELY somebody could see that these motherfuckers are devoid of emotion because I sure can in their mugshots. Too much social media has left little room to learn organic social skills. The access to information and the internet has normalized various fetishes, violence and made what was once hidden under the mattress, open but still somewhat anonymous. People can gain knowledge, get encouragement from others online, and if there is an undiagnosed mental illness, plus access to guns, plus socialization issues and a desire to be known for something major then we now have a ticking time bomb ready and ripe for mass murder. This is NOT the profile of the average gun owner, and I would really like people to understand this.

Yes, I am a liberal and I absolutely believe in people’s rights to own guns. There should be rigorous checks, but how can someone test for psychopathic or sociopathic behavior without the right medical and criminal behaviorist present? The persons who have the desire to murder a bunch of people are going to do so regardless of whether or not there a strict ass gun laws or psychiatric exams. The guns are already out in the world, and the issue is not the gun, it is the young men who have access to these guns. White people, please pay attention to your aggressive ass sons, and their behavior in school, at home and their online presence. The same way ya’ll expect black parents to monitor black boys is the same way I need ya’ll to keep an eye on your boys. I need people to pay attention and scrutinize young white men the same way they do with young black and brown men. The same energy white people have to call the police on suspicious behavior regarding men of color is the same energy I need them to have with white boys who look suspect. Come on now, save lives and pay attention to the boys ya’ll raise and who you do not think is a threat BUT CLEARLY IS given the profile of this homegrown terrorism. We don’t just have a gun problem, we have a flying under the radar problem and it needs to fucking end.

2 thoughts on “The Right To Own A Gun

  1. Girl, amen to ALL of that. As a Centrist with a heavy right lean, even I recognize that something ain’t tickin here. You don’t see females of any race out there sprayin’ bullets into crowds. And, with the exception of very few African American men, you don’t see them committing mass murder.

    Even as far back as the 90’s with the OKC Bombings and the Olympic Park Bombings – white men have had some weird ass fascination with taking out the masses for no other purpose than to just be a dickhead. It isn’t even a political thing, anymore. El Paso was a registered Republican. Ohio was a registered Democrat with a love of Satan and a previous rape and hit list for his high school ‘pals’. Video Games are being blamed, but we didn’t have the kind of violent games in the 90’s that we do now. What is the solution?

    I have three guns in my house. Two hand guns that would really hurt and a 22 shot gun that probably wouldn’t do more than piss off a robber. They stay in the house unless my husband and I take them to the shooting range to make sure that we are still on our game. Nobody outside of the military has any business owning a semi-automatic anything. Your handgun is good enough to give you six to eight tries to effectively stop someone from entering your home.

    I don’t know what the answer is, though. My ex-husband has depression, but refuses to see a doctor to get medication because he’s scared his guns will be taken away. In knowing him, I know that he would never kill someone that wasn’t in a self-defense situation, much less a group of innocent people – but that’s the stigma attached to people with depression. It may come down to not being able to own firearms if you are on any kind of antidepressants. I really wish I knew what would be effective and appeasing to both sides.


  2. It’s soooooo politicized and it has NOTHHHHHHING to do with politics!!!! You hit the nail on the head like always! I’m centrist, more left leaning with most things but I also think the government should stay out of the second amendment and I need ppl to THINK independently, look at stats and pay attention to the common theme. Right on, sis.

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