It’s Been A While…

There have been a million things I’ve wanted to write about since I’ve last published anything, and while I’ve written privately, I did not feel the urge to share publicly. Life has been a journey of far more highs than lows, and while I am not exempt from loss, my gains and wins far outweigh the former.

I’m in a season of doubling down on boundary setting, chasing and catching the best, healthiest, and fittest version of myself, and finding a happy place where my kiddo and I can co-exist peacefully. I am enraged sometimes, but I also find the space to let go far quicker when I’m reminded that nothing happens without reason, and I have to be patient enough to allow the lesson to be revealed.

I am well…probably the best I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I am supremely grateful. More to come…

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