Let Me Love (Control)You

The ones we love will arrive at their lessons when it’s time to do so. Our ability to love someone as they directly stem from how we accept and love ourselves. The more work I do on myself is the more I am able to expand my understanding of what is love and what is control. The more I allow my child to be herself, listen to her realizations and love her despite my oppositions to her path of enlightenment, I can still listen and accept the path she’s choosing barring imminent death. We cannot control what the ones we love do and we shouldn’t because we don’t like it being done to us. Well, I don’t like it being done to me. I am a firm believer in getting burned in order to know that fire is hot and I have to respect whatever people believe for themselves.

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Communication Saves Lives

I pride myself on being able to communicate effectively. Honestly though, sometimes I do fail and do not do as well as I can. I remember that when I am pissed at others and their communication or lack thereof. I give and make room for people to be themselves as they are and as they aren’t and I love them regardless. I have a deep and wide capacity for forgiveness, kindness and overstanding in tough situations. It is as much my responsibility not to assume malice, as it is theirs. It is also my responsibility to hold the space for clarity, compassion, empathy and respect. We are all fighting a battle, and we are all looking to be heard and sometimes when we are wounded, we are not our best selves and the way we communicate hurt may end up causing more hurt, we may not have the language, space or desire to speak out effectively. I get that.

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The Radical Act of Self Love

Joy and patience is having the courage to say the truth. The truth is while I enjoy his company and being wrapped up in his essence, I don’t like the feeling when we are apart. That indicates to me that our foundation is not strong and while it all feels delicious to the body, it is poison to the heart. There has to come a time where I prioritize my mental sanity over my physical satisfaction. Sex feels damn good with someone you really connect with but if there is a desire for more and more cannot be provided then that shit hurts like hell.

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The Only Way Out Is Through

I don’t know what the outcome will be. But I’m going to take a bet and say that it will be one that will bring growth and learning. I am willing to bet on MYSELF and say that I’ll get what I deserve not because I want it BUT because it’s for me. I am going to get exactly what I’ve prayed for, worked towards and attract to me. I am going to get the joy and keep the joy. I’m going to get the adventure that I’ve been seeking and it’s going to be delicious. I stand in the space for my life to be grand and I stand in the space for clarity, commitment, abundance and possibilities. I stand in the space that is a clearing for the magic of life to rain down on me. Asé!

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Bust A Nut

I believe that intimacy has a lot to do with being self aware as well. It is knowing what you want, and being able to communicate that honestly and with an open heart and mind. Knowing yourself and having confidence can heighten an intimate experience. Why? I honestly think that the universe brings us who we need at the right time. I think that depending on what we have been praying for, asking God for, and putting our thoughts in, we will be given what we are vibrating. That is neither good nor bad, it is simply what we put out there.

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Nice For What?

We raise girls to be polite, to smile, to fall back and to be lady like for appeasement and acceptance from whom? We teach girls that their edges must be laid, and they should speak softly and learn how clean and cook well, often it is not with the intention of being self sufficient but rather to be marriage material for a man. Get the fucccccccccck outta here will all that noise. Raising children in my opinion should be teaching them about chasing their dreams, while putting in the work to make sure the dreams materialize. I believe we teach them practical skills so they can eat, live in a clean environment, make, and keep money and a combination of street smarts and common sense. The goal is to make them the best for themselves, proud of themselves, loving to themselves BUT never to be molded for someone’s vision of who we think they should be.

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Notes on Polyamory

Polyamory has become a dirty word because of what has happened in Utah and other places where men used that shit to be sexist, authoritative, nasty, perverted and fucked up. That however is NOT the way I identify with it.

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