My Wildest Dreams

I’d like to be able to say that when I leave this earth, I left it better than I found it. I have always believed that it is my mission to remind people that their love is far greater than their fear. I am starting with myself and the conversations I’m having in my brain and out in real life. I was playing a game that was far too small for what I knew I was capable of in my life. But I needed that incubation period to connect to who I needed to connect to AND I needed to be reminded of what not honoring my life looked like.

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One of the sayings that has been landing in my path over and over again is “You’re not tired, you’re uninspired.” That is pretty much true isn’t it? Is it not powerful to think the majority of us commit our lives to working for non-profits, companies and everything in between and we often neglect out dreams, our vision and our own personal success?

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Say Hello

I challenge you to say hello to someone who you feel pulled towards. I challenge you to take your light and allow it to shine brightly today and connect with those whose light matches yours. I challenge you to connect with 5 strangers today and see where hello can take you.Connect in ways that leave you both better, set an intention before you go out about what you’d like to achieve for the day and go forth and mingle. Everyone can stand to gain some joy, happiness, openness and connection in their day. We can all gain value from planting seeds of positive connection and letting gratitude guide our days. Who we are today can open doors for the future that we want.

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