The Possibility of Possibilities

God is within each of us and to honor God(des) we must honor our highest self. That looks like waking up everyday and making a choice to be intentional about my goals. It means connecting with other people in my tribe and creating a possibility for that day. It’s about assessing where I am and working towards taking my way of being and state of mind to the next level. It looks like exuding positive vibes and beauty but doing it with grace and humility. It’s about encouraging people by simple acknowledgement, honoring their light whether they know it or not and sharing the simplicity of smiling with them. Everyday is the chance to be the intention I said I’m going to be.

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The Only Way Out Is Through

I don’t know what the outcome will be. But I’m going to take a bet and say that it will be one that will bring growth and learning. I am willing to bet on MYSELF and say that I’ll get what I deserve not because I want it BUT because it’s for me. I am going to get exactly what I’ve prayed for, worked towards and attract to me. I am going to get the joy and keep the joy. I’m going to get the adventure that I’ve been seeking and it’s going to be delicious. I stand in the space for my life to be grand and I stand in the space for clarity, commitment, abundance and possibilities. I stand in the space that is a clearing for the magic of life to rain down on me. Asé!

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One of the sayings that has been landing in my path over and over again is “You’re not tired, you’re uninspired.” That is pretty much true isn’t it? Is it not powerful to think the majority of us commit our lives to working for non-profits, companies and everything in between and we often neglect out dreams, our vision and our own personal success?

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