Brown Skinned Girl

There are so many things about light skinned girls being butt hurt that dark brown girls are shining, but I don’t know if that is even true. Who is driving this narrative about the competition? If you grew up in black family, you know there are hella different shades and who cares? We all contend with the fallout of white is right, and colorism, but WHEN do we move past that and just show up lovingly for each other beyond our shades? When does it become okay to celebrate the spectrum of all brown skinned girls? There are ways in which we must support each other as women that outweigh the colorism issue.

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Don’t Be A Slave to Validation

When your mind is free nothing can contain you. When the world is your stage, and everyone is a supporting actor in your narrative wouldn’t you write a story where you are victorious no matter what? Isn’t it critical for our lives to have stories where something or someone tried really hard to break us but we made it through?

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