Someone’s Partner Is Not Your Soulmate

There is power in connecting with your partner when you tell the truth about what is happening in your head and heart. However, don’t fuck up your relationship based on your feelings for someone else. If you are looking to leave, do it based on the fact that it is no longer workable and it serves no one to stay. If someone leaves their relationship for YOU I am not convinced that’s a worthy burden to carry. If you think someone else’s partner is your soul mate, then you’re all fucked up in the game homey, because that is NOT the answer. Do better.

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The Deceptive Allure Of Cheating

At some point, one or both parties will want more than either or both can effectively deliver, and this is where the front row seat to the shit show of your life begins to play out. Sure, the desire at the beginning trumped your common sense, respect for all parties involved and the incredibly devastating consequences therefore, now panic and pain resides permanently in your thoughts. What have you done? Well, you sold out the person who you willingly agreed to communicate with at the beginning of your relationship. You chose to play out scenarios in your head when communication became difficult and you effectively allowed the space for an outsider to trample on everything you created with someone who trusted you. Your selfishness became the standard and your integrity has become null and void.

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We’ve All Been Jordyn Woods

A woman cannot keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept. Jordyn is a variable in the history of people who cheat on their partners. The other woman is hardly where the focus should be. The spotlight has to be shone upon the one who promised to be committed. While in a relationship there’s an agreement of some kind, and primarily the focus is on honor and respect. However, when someone blatantly chooses to disregard another person by engaging sexually/physically/emotionally with someone else, they are the issue.

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Stop Misrepresenting Yourself

Both guys, 24 hours after really chatting reveal that they are not only married but have THREE children. Two separate guys, two different states, both in “loveless” and “sexless” marriages with three children a piece. They stop themselves and they drop the news like a ton of bricks…they can’t go on, they can’t bear it, I’m lovely and amazing and more than they bargained for….but they just cannot continue…unless I said it was okay. IT IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!! 😤😡🙄😒

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I Appreciate Married Men

Imagine dodging all kinds of pussy and batting eyelashes daily and coming home to the only one you want AND being so happy with that! That is an amazingly sexy thing in my opinion. I think married men who are in their marriages 100% are good men to be around because they really aren’t going to jeopardize their lives for bullshit. I can dig that. I can be cool with someone like that because they are not pressed, they are not trying to fuck me, and there is no ulterior motive. We are literally just focused on the task at hand and in their souls they are focused on their wives….only.

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And Who Will Save Me?

I’m strong and I need support. I’m strong and I need to be hugged. I’m strong and I need forehead kisses. I’m strong and I need my hand held. I’m strong and I need gentle love making. I’m strong and I need soft kisses. I’m strong and I need to my head on your chest. I’m strong and I need your nurturing. I’m strong and I’m a human being with needs. My strength doesn’t absolve me of my mortal feelings.

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I Went Through His Phone

There was no fingerprint code and I don’t think there was a passcode, so what I am basically saying is that he obviously wanted me to go through his shit because it was open for the taking. I just so happen to wait until he was in the shower to go through his shit. I was pacing back and forth like an anxious tiger waiting to pounce on her prey. I was sweaty and jittery like a father waiting to learn his fate onh Maury. There was also a part of me that was prepared to SET IT THE FUCK OFF because I know this asshole was not going to be in MYYYYYYYY house and talking to someone else, I just knew he was not that dumb.

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