Fight or Flight: An Exercise In Calming The Fuck Down

Hurt people hurt people, but hurt people can also heal. Our healing begins the moment we can acknowledge how hurt we have actually been and take inventory of how much life we have missed out on by barricading ourselves behind our walls. The walls keep out the people who are no good for us, yet it also very predictably keeps the wonderful ones at bay as well. We are making the choice to lose before we ever allow ourselves to get on the court. Life fucking hurts, people hurt us, but guess what? We hurt people too, and we are also the villains in someone’s story.

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She Left Him

He’s a classic sociopath, an abuser of the worst kind, charming and yet fucking devilish. She, an outstanding mother, person, loved one of mine and woman did not deserve any of what he was giving to her and her best revenge will be to live her best fucking life. She is NOT the first woman in my life to flee with their lives, clothes on their backs and their children in tow. I have heard horror stories and writing this makes my eyes sting with tears but it makes my fucking blood boil. A man who beats a woman at all is a coward and he should be fucked up.

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