The Fallout Of Good Intentions

What about when someone fucks up our well-oiled cast iron pan by washing it, scrubbing it and putting a copious amount of Ajax on it to get all the gunk out? Those of us who are kitchen aficionados know about this absolute faux pas, but my 80 something-year-old Trinidadian grandma who believes in everything needing to be spick and span doesn’t know, and her intention is to make it very clean. Am I really going to hold her well-intentioned cleaning against her? YES! I am kidding, I will be a little sad but I can get another cast iron pan.

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Stolen Moments

His apology was sincere and I needed it. He manned up, owned up, honored up and showed me who I know he is. I was really into what was being said because it was exactly what I wanted. A heartfelt connection and just an honest showing of regret and an owning of movements that were unacceptable, cowardly and while not an excuse, what needed to happen. I will say that being in the presence of someone who was willing to man up and own their shit and talk about it in a way that was transparent, uncomfortable but yet relatable.

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