How Much Grief Is Too Much Grief?

Grieving is a necessary part of life. It is a raw expression of feeling loss, disappointment and a longing for what once was or what could have been. What grief is not, is being present to what is possible while overcoming that pain. Actively preparing myself to be sad on a particular day is disempowering and there is no honor in operating that way for me. Whether I am grieving for a lost relationship, or a lost loved one the answer remains the same; I cannot grieve forever.

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Mother’s Day is Fucking Overrated

I say this to say, maybe someone should have checked in on my mom. The way that she was with me was unacceptable. The things she’s said and the way she treated me was not something I deserved and will never deserve. But I think that she was probably really fucking sad. She was probably dealing with her own heart break, her own self dying a lonely death, maybe she thought about her own suicide and suffered in silence. Maybe she had many dreams and hopes that I fucked up. Maybe I was a constant reminder of a sacrifice she didn’t want to make and well she made that shit known. I felt it. I feel it. But I ain’t ask to be here so I guess we are stuck with each other. But what I’m saying is that instead of celebrating the commercial aspect of Mother’s Day her people should have checked on her mental health.

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