The Vicious Cycle Of Undiagnosed Pain

They will have become masterful at blaming their low energy on work, or stress, but they will never admit to feeling choked and oppressed by their lives. They will never speak about taking breaks to cry at work in the bathroom, they won’t tell you the countless hours they spend researching the easiest way to die, and they damn sure will not share the drafts of the suicide note they’ve edited hundreds of times. You will never know until you are crying over them as they lay in their casket wondering how this could have happened.

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Manage Your Sanity

Men can be relentless and when they want to pursue you they make it known. If I gotta work hard, then I’ve already lost. Whether or not I knew what was happening before it happened, it always becomes clear as day when I look at the ratio of communication between me and them. Ohhhhhhh so a non reply to a text, vm, video message, IG likes, or phone call means you don’t wanna talk? Oh. It means that the communication is unwelcomed and the lack of engagement isn’t a trick. It literally actually means, WE ARE NOT SPEAKING…STOP TALKING TO ME. Well fuckkkkkkkk me, that’s all you had to say asshole!

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